liveVideo courses from Manning.

Discover and master your personal cutting edge.

Why liveVideo?

Technology moves fast. You're busy.
But as a programmer, you know everything gets better with education.

Our liveVideo courses offer you a new way to learn the skills you want to know and stay on the cutting edge of development, with all the quality teaching you expect here at Manning.

With liveVideo, we’ve introduced a host of features to not only make learning easier, but also to help you put that learning into practice.

With our liveVideo courses you can enjoy:

  • Navigation by transcript – Had to leave partway through a module? Want to skip ahead? Just click where you left off on the transcript to jump to the relevant time-stamp!
  • Embedded exercises – Each course offers exercises to put your skills into practice so you apply what you’ve learned as soon as you’ve learnt it.
  • Interactive Code - We have support for executable code in a range of languages for select courses.