Talk Python: Managing Python Dependencies
Dan Bader
  • Course duration: 1h 59m
Talk Python: Managing Python Dependencies is part of the exciting Talk Python course series. This video is aimed at Python programmers who want to become more efficient, productive, and skilled using Python's rich library ecosystem. It teaches you to find the right Python package to help you with almost any task, revealing industry best practices around choosing and managing third-party dependencies for your Python projects. It's a "batteries included" solution to attaining the Python dependency management skills you need to work on a professional development team.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Python expert Dan Bader and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

About the subject

One of the great strengths of Python is its huge ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and packages. This ecosystem can help you progress from writing scripts to building applications with Python, but multiple different dependencies across your interconnected projects can quickly become a headache! This course teaches you how to pick the right libraries for your tasks, and manage them effectively with Python’s recommended dependency management tools like pip, and virtualenvs.

About the video

Talk Python: Managing Python Dependencies teaches you how to take advantage of Python's rich third-party library ecosystem to create better programs in a shorter amount of time. It’s a one-stop shop for picking up modern Python dependency management practices with minimal time investment. All new skills are taught in bite-size lessons you can learn at your own pace. You’ll learn a unique 7-step workflow for finding and identifying quality Python packages, and how to justify added program dependencies to your team and your manager. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know how to get your programs ready to be deployed on production and automated testing environments, and how to make it easy for other developers to contribute code with minimal setup effort.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the Course and What We’ll Cover

Managing Third-Party Dependencies With pip

Lesson Overview

Introduction to Dependency Management

Pip: The Python Package Manager

Installing & Updating pip

Python Package Repositories

PyPI Warehouse Sneak Peek

Installing Packages With pip

Identifying & Updating Outdated Packages

Uninstalling Packages

Recap and Summary

Isolating Dependencies With Virtual Environments

Introduction to Virtual Environments

Creating and Activating a Virtual Environment

Installing Packages Into a Virtual Environment

Leaving and Switching Between Virtual Environments

Destroying Virtual Environments

My Virtual Environment Workflow

Recap and Summary

Finding Quality Python Packages

Lesson Overview

How Third-Party Packages Can Help You

Finding Popular Packages on Curated Lists

"Rules of Thumb" for Selecting a Great Package - Part 1

"Rules of Thumb" for Selecting a Great Package - Part 2

Recap and Summary

Setting Up Reproducible Environments & Application Deploys

Lesson Overview

Introduction to Requirements Files

Capturing Project Dependencies

Restoring Captured Dependencies

Separating Development and Production Dependencies

Requirements Files Best Practices

Recap and Summary


You’ve Done It!


For beginner Python developers who want to advance from scripting to building applications.

What you will learn

  • Install, use, and manage third-party Python packages with the "pip" package manager
  • Isolate project dependencies with virtual environments to avoid version conflicts
  • Apply a complete 7-step workflow for finding and identifying quality third-party packages
  • Set up repeatable development environments and application deployments using the "pip" package manager and requirements files

About the instructor

Dan Bader is an independent software engineer, book author, speaker, and Python nut. He’s been writing code for more than 15 years, and runs and maintains

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