A next-generation book platform

What is liveBook?

liveBook is the online reader for all Manning content. With liveBook you can access Manning books and videos in-browser—anytime, anywhere. But liveBook is more than just a reader. It’s packed with unique features to enhance your books and upgrade your learning.

  • A unique online reader
  • Free access to all 700+ Manning books and videos
  • Annotated code samples with one-click copy
  • Add your own notes and fast-find bookmarks
  • Audio recordings and interactive exercises on select titles
  • Read all your purchased Manning content in browser—anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about liveBook's features


Ask questions, share code, and interact with other readers in the discussion forum.

interactive exercises

Practice and test your skills with interactive exercises.


Narrated voice recordings let you listen along to select titles.

Look inside every Manning book and video

Remember going to bookstores and flipping through the pages of books to find out if you wanted to buy them? With liveBook, every Manning book and video is available for you to sample. Open any book you don’t own, and you’ll find chapter and section titles, images, and code samples all available for free. Watch as text unlocks before your eyes!

all content searchable

If you search for a term that appears in a book you do not own, the paragraph containing the result will be unlocked for you.

five minutes free

Get a taste of any content. You can preview any book or video for free, five minutes every day.

share sections

Create links to text selections within a liveBook and share with your team. They can access your link and view content for free.

Access only what you need with tokens

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy a whole book. With liveBook tokens you can unlock exactly the content you want, from a single paragraph, to a code sample, to a whole chapter. If the total amount of tokens you spend ever equals an eBook’s list price, the whole book unlocks and is added to your library. Sign up with a liveBook account, and you’ll be awarded 500 free tokens to get started!

micropurchase content

Don’t need the whole book? Spend tokens to unlock single paragraphs, chapters, and images.

500 free tokens

Sign up to liveBook and instantly claim 500 free tokens, worth $5.00.

cash out anytime

Bought tokens you’re not using? Turn them back into dollars with just a few clicks.