What is liveBook?

It is a new publishing product -- a combination of voice, text, code, exercises and other features. The liveBook presents book content in a fresh new format suitable for various readers’ needs. Another first by Manning Publications.

The liveBook advantage

There are many advantages over using an ordinary eBook or a printed book.

  • Listen to the book content as if you were using an audio book but with option to look at graphics and code listings at will. Features real narrators.
  • Interactive exercises will help you grasp difficult concepts and check your progress.
  • Search through the entire Manning liveBook library – including liveBooks you don’t own.
  • Code listings can be run within the liveBook (not available yet for all programming languages).
  • Use bookmarks and make notes.

How and when to use a liveBook

You can use the liveBook as an enhanced eBook. Interactive exercises will test how well you absorbed the difficult parts and how well you can synthesize topics from the entire chapter. In addition to that the content is enriched with animated code annotations, editable code listings and an occasional animated diagram. Whether at home or at work, we believe you will learn much faster using the liveBook.

Titles available as liveBook

liveBook intro video