become a Manning content creator

Manning is always interested in working with new content creators and authors of all experience levels. Whether you've created a technology or are a motivated developer with a great idea, we'd love to hear from you.

what does Manning publish?

We pride ourselves on our reputation for producing only the highest quality tech content. We publish:


Manning books are produced in paper and eBook formats. We do full print runs for all of our books—no print on demand.


Manning liveVideos are video courses, available for download or to watch on our cutting-edge online platform.


Manning liveProjects are a new premium learning product. Users develop skills "on the job" by tackling scenarios based on real workplace challenges.

what does a Manning content creator look like?

If you know a technology well, are good at teaching, and think your topic is something people need to learn, let's talk!

how do I pitch my idea?

step one: write your proposal

We pride ourselves on our reputation for producing only the highest quality tech content. We publish:

step two: submit your proposal

Please send your finished proposal to If you'd like to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal, just let us know and we'll get back to you.

step three: our reponse

We'll get back to you after we've had a chance to review your proposal. Be prepared to revise it several times during initial discussions! Once we have a solid plan, we'll discuss the terms of a publishing agreement.


we're interested in all skill levels!

Don't be afraid to make a proposal just because you've never written a book, produced a video course, or created a project before. What matters is that you can explain complex topics with clarity, passion, and maybe a little humor. We can help you with everything else.

creating content takes a lot of work!

For most of the developers we work with, creating their book, video course, or liveProject is one of the biggest projects of their professional lives. It takes time and will be extremely challenging, but it's equally rewarding.

you can bring a friend!

Many books, courses, and liveProjects are co-created. Feel free to explore the idea of collaborating with a trusted colleague who can complement your strengths.

other opportunities at Manning

If you're interested in applying your technical and teaching abilities, or if you'd love to help on a project but are too busy for a major commitment, please let us know! There are many smaller projects we'd love your help on, such as mentoring liveProject learners. You might find an interesting challenge! Please send your interest to Ozren Harlovic at