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Michael Kennedy
  • Course duration: 9h 38m
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Talk Python: Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy is part of the exciting Talk Python course series from podcaster and software trainer Michael Kennedy. One of the areas where Python really shines is building clean and powerful web applications. This course teaches you the ins and outs of Python web development through an extensive hands-on example project and a visuals-first approach to learning. You’ll learn everything you need to build data-driven, modern web applications in Python with the Flask web framework.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Python expert Michael Kennedy and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.
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about the subject

Full stack web development requires mastering both good-looking frontend design and reliable backend infrastructure. The SQLAlchemy database toolkit is one of the most popular and powerful tools for writing Python classes and mapping them to your database, whilst the Flask framework is a super-lightweight choice that easily scales up to complex applications. Together, they make a great pairing for full-stack development with Python.

about the video

Talk Python: Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy teaches you to build powerful web applications using nothing but Python tools. Rather than building lots of little demo websites, in this self-contained course you’ll learn by building a large and comprehensive web application based on Python's own packaging index. You’ll master important frontend skills such as working with HTML templates, and take advantage of Bootstrap to build well-designed sites with ease. Alongside beautiful server-side code, you’ll learn to map data to and from Python using classes with SQLAlchemy, to add client and server-side validation, and other important backend skills. Best of all, you'll learn a lot of web skills that will translate across the Python web frameworks, as well.


For learners with basic Python skills, and basic HTML/CSS experience.

what you will learn

  • Create a Flask-based website from scratch using CLI and PyCharm
  • Map URLs to view methods using routing
  • Make advanced use of routing to build a full custom CMS in 8 minutes
  • Map data to and from Python using classes with SQLAlchemy
  • Accept user input with HTML forms
  • Add client and server-side validation
  • Overcome the special challenges of testing web apps
  • Deploy your web application to a fresh, cloud-based Linux machine

about the instructor

Michael Kennedy is the host of the #1 Python podcast, Talk Python to Me. He’s interviewed many of the leaders and creators in the Python community and brings that perspective to all the courses he creates. He has been a professional software trainer for over 10 years.
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