liveAudio integrates a professional voice recording with the book’s text, graphics, code, and exercises in Manning’s exclusive liveBook online reader. Use the text to search and navigate the audio, or download the audio-only recording for portable offline listening. liveAudio is available exclusively at

Synchronized voice and text in liveBook As you listen to liveAudio in liveBook, the text and graphics scroll in step with the voice recording. You can change the speed, pause, and use the text of the book to start the recording anywhere you like.
Downloadable audio liveAudio books are downloadable in MP3 format, so you can take them with you on your favorite listening device.
Video-enhanced audiobooks Some liveAudio books also include downloadable videos. As you listen to the audio you’ll be prompted when the book’s graphics, code, and other visual elements appear onscreen.
All eBook formats Every liveAudio book includes the PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook formats, downloadable at any time from your account.