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Understand and learn to utilize arrays—the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript

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Explore JavaScript arrays and objects. Arrays and objects can hold lots of data, and there are many array methods that can be used in order to access, sort, and organize the data contained within the arrays. Use objects combined with arrays to allow applications to manage data effectively and easily. This course is focused specifically on JavaScript arrays and objects and will help demonstrate common methods that can be applied to them.

Includes a 30+ page downloadable PDF guide that can be used alongside lessons. Includes source code and more!

The course covers the following topics and commonly asked questions about how to use arrays and objects in code:

  • JavaScript Array and Objects
  • How to Create an Array in JavaScript
  • Nested Arrays and Select Values from Inner Arrays Using JavaScript
  • Common Arrays, Static Methods, and Create Arrays with Coding Examples
  • JavaScript Objects: Object Literal and Constructor
  • JavaScript Objects: Static Methods Using Object Data
  • Loops, Objects, Values, Iterate Keys, and Values in JavaScript
  • How to Clone and Duplicate JavaScript Arrays
  • Iterate and Loop Array Items to Create Output Values with JavaScript
  • JavaScript Array and Object Entries with Next Iterator Values
  • Array Update Methods and Changing Array Values
  • Clean Up Array Items, and Remove Duplicates and False Values
  • How to Filter Array Items Using the Filter Method with JavaScript
  • Use Index Values and Check If an Array Includes Values
  • How to Use the Array Map Method to Create a New Array
  • How to Get Unique Values from an Array with the Filter Method
  • JavaScript Array Iterator Keys and Next Iterator Value
  • How to Use the Reduce Array Method to Count Occurrences of Values
  • Use the Array Sort Method to Reverse, Sort, and Work with Random Sort Orders in JavaScript


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This course was created independently by Laurence Svekis and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


Basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML

about the instructor

Laurence Svekis is an experienced web application developer who worked on multiple enterprise level applications, hundreds of websites and business solutions, and many unique and innovative web applications. He created his first computer application in 1990 and first website in 1998. Laurence has been providing web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002, teaching countless learners how to bring amazing things to life online.
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