manning tokens

In liveBook you can purchase the content you want, even if it’s just a paragraph. Want just section 1.3.4 of a particular book? You can have just that and keep it forever too! You do this using tokens.

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Getting your tokens

All you need to do to get started is create a account or sign in to liveBook with your existing account. You’ll have 500 free tokens to use how you want, across every Manning book. Want to unlock more? You’ll need to buy tokens, either from this page or from liveBook.

Micropurchasing and unlocking paragraphs

In liveBook you’re able to purchase exactly what you need, from a single paragraph to an entire book. It’s easy too!

  1. Use Manning’s in-depth search feature to find the relevant information you want inside a book.
  2. Click the token icon either in the floating breadcrumb or beside the piece of text you want to unlock.
  3. Select the piece of content you wish to unlock and… done! The tokens will be deducted from your account and the passage unlocks before your eyes so you can continue reading!

Even better, if the total value of micropurchased content is equal, or close, to the value of the eBook, we’ll unlock the whole product for you automatically at no extra charge!

There are no returns or exchanges for micropurchased content.

You can "cash out" your account at any time, converting your tokens back to dollars.

How to Cash Out

If you would like to convert your tokens back to dollars, you can do so with just a few clicks. From liveBook, just click on the token balance on the top of the page and a dropdown will reveal all your micropurchasing history with a cash out button.

buy tokens