Angular 16 and RxJS: Build modern Single Page Applications you own this product

Unlocking modern web development, mastering Angular 16, RxJS, responsive design, and real-world projects
Meta Brains
  • Course duration: 3h 39m

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Dive deep into the core principles of Single Page Applications (SPAs) and understand why Angular stands out from other frameworks, gaining insights that will help you make informed decisions in your projects. We cover everything from setting up your development environment in Visual Studio Code to the intricacies of TypeScript, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Our hands-on approach means you’ll be writing code from day one. Explore JavaScript, ES6, and TypeScript basics, learning how these technologies come together to create robust web applications. You'll grasp essential programming concepts, understand data types, functions, events, and master the use of the "this" keyword.

Angular 16 brings a plethora of features and improvements, and you’ll learn how to leverage them to create highly interactive and responsive web applications. From creating components to understanding directives, routing, and component interaction, you’ll acquire the skills to handle complex development challenges.

RxJS and reactive programming are at the heart of Angular. This course offers an in-depth exploration of RxJS, teaching you how to manage asynchronous operations and data flow like a pro. You’ll work with Observables, Operators, and Subjects, unlocking patterns and techniques that are key to building high-performance applications.

We’ll integrate third-party libraries like Bootstrap, enhancing the visual appeal and responsiveness of your applications. Through real-world projects, you’ll apply your learning, reinforcing concepts, and building confidence in your abilities. By the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Angular 16, RxJS, and the best practices in modern web development, poised to tackle complex projects and create seamless, efficient web applications.

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This course was created independently by Meta Brains and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

about the video

Tailored for developers and IT professionals, this course demystifies the complexities of developing Single Page Applications (SPAs) using Angular 16, one of the most popular and powerful web development frameworks today.


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with Node JS and npm

what you will learn

  • Understand and build efficient SPAs using Angular 16
  • Reactive Programming with RxJS to manage data flow and state
  • To enhance JS skills, learn ES6 features, and understand TypeScript
  • Set up a productive dev environment and adopt Angular best practices
  • Apply knowledge to projects, integrating Bootstrap for UI/UX enhancements
  • Advanced RxJS Techniques
  • Cross-Platform Responsive Design
  • Confidently build, test, and deploy robust Angular applications

about the instructor

Meta Brains is a professional training brand developed by a team of software developers and finance professionals who have a passion for coding, finance, and Excel. They bring together professional and educational experiences to create world-class training programs accessible to everyone. Currently, they're focused on the next great revolution in computing: the metaverse. Their ultimate objective is to train the next generation of talent so we can code and build the metaverse together.

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