iOS Development with Swift in Motion
Craig Grummitt
  • Course duration: 8h 3m
    65 exercises

A great resource for any programmer into iOS development.

Aldo Ahmed Solis Zenteno
One billion iPhone and iPad users are waiting for the next amazing app. It's time for you to build it! If you've programmed in another language like Python or JavaScript, it's a breeze to pick up Apple's powerful Swift language. This interactive liveVideo course gives you a crash course in Swift and then guides you step-by-step through building your own iPhone and iPad apps.

About the subject

Apple's Swift language makes iOS development easier than ever, offering modern language features, seamless integration with all iOS libraries, and the top-notch Xcode development environment. Swift is immediately comfortable to programmers familiar with Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, or other similar languages. Its modern feel and features empower you to explore new projects with less friction in the dev process.

About the video

See it. Do it. Learn it! If you want to become an iOS pro then mastering the Swift language is a requirement. iOS Development with Swift in Motion locks in the language fundamentals and then offers interesting examples and exercises to build and practice your knowledge and skills.

In this interactive liveVideo course, expert instructor Craig Grummitt brings his 20 years of development experience to you. You'll explore what makes Swift tick, and learn how to use it to build amazing iOS apps as you make your first one: an interactive book tracker with a ratings system, barcode scanner, and more! With fun exercises, informative diagrams, and more, you'll start with a tour of Xcode and the Swift language. Next, you'll dig in deep to essential iOS details such as navigating between scenes, adaptive layout, background tasks, displaying data, storing data. As you work through the modules and build your fully working app from basic idea to completed and ready for the world, you'll top off your learning with a look at debugging techniques, and publishing your app to the app store, all ready to enter the exciting world of iOS development!

This liveVideo is perfect alongside Craig's best-selling book iOS Development with Swift, with each offering unique exercises, examples, and more to get you learning!
Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Introduction to Xcode

Course Introduction

Creating an Xcode project

Editing your app’s interface

Running your app

Introduction to Swift in Playgrounds

Xcode playgrounds

Data types



Swift Objects





Setting the Scene


View controllers, outlets, and actions

Touching views

Gesture recognizers

Delegation pattern

Adaptive Layout

The problem

Auto Layout

Size classes

Bonus video: Size classes

Stack views

Bonus video: Stack views

Keyboard Notifications and Scrolling

The problem with the keyboard

Dismissing the keyboard


View animation

Scroll views

Tables and Navigation

Displaying data in table views

Adding a row

Editing a row

Deleting a row

Searching and Sorting

Sorting the data

Bonus video: Comparable

Changing the sort order

Searching the data

Bonus video: Timer and Run Loop

Tab bars

Data Persistence

Preserving state and user preferences

Storing user preferences in iCloud

Storing data locally

Graphics and Media

Adding images with an asset catalog

Displaying a launch screen

Drawing with Core Graphics

Taking photos with the image picker controller

Bonus video: Selecting photos from the photo library

Detecting barcodes with AVFoundation


Using a web service

Communicating with a web service

Parsing JSON data

Downloading data

Debugging and Testing

The set-up

Crash logs

Breakpoints and examining variables

Gauges and Instruments

Debugging the user interface

Testing your app

Distributing Your App

Distributing your app to the App Store

What’s next?



Designed for intermediate web or mobile developers comfortable with a language like Python, JavaScript, Java, or C#. No prior experience with Swift assumed.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to Swift and iOS development
  • Building an app from idea to the app store
  • Working with functions, structures, and protocols
  • Discovering the Xcode Playground
  • Editing your app's user interface
  • Debugging and publishing your finished app to the app store

About the instructor

Craig Grummitt is an interactive developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has multiple successful apps in the iOS and Android App Stores under the moniker Interactive Coconut. He's the author of iOS Development with Swift.

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Very entertaining, concise, straightforward and smooth instruction in iOS and Swift programming.

Scott Steinman

A fun approach to learning in small packages that allows you to take breaks often!

David Morgan