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David Clinton
  • Course duration: 2h 15m
    29 exercises

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Linux in Motion is your ticket to the world of professional Linux administration! Linux expert and professional educator David Clinton guides you through a unique learning experience integrating text, video, and interactive exercises. You’ll learn and practice key concepts like virtualization, container design, and server configuration in Linux as you take on real-world exercises and practical projects. Experience the increased comprehension and skill-building of mixed-media learning while you master Linux administration through this value-rich course!
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about the subject

The Linux operating system is used in desktops, servers, cars, smartphones, household appliances, and even supercomputers. In fact, it’s the backbone of most of the world’s enterprise systems, especially virtual and cloud servers. With reliable security and easy-to-find support from a large community of users and commercial entities like Red Hat, it’s no wonder open-source Linux is a required skill for developers and administrators.

about the video

Linux in Motion teaches you the skills you need to successfully run and manage Linux servers. Drawing from his vast experience as a system and cloud administrator, author, and teacher, David Clinton uses live demonstrations, crystal-clear text, insightful diagrams, and hands-on projects to introduce Linux virtualization, securing remote sessions, configuring backups, working with Bash scripts, server monitoring, and much more. Realistic use cases in every section affirm the benefits of the Linux OS, and quick-check exercises let you test your new knowledge, locking it in. Practice projects throughout give you valuable hands-on experience in vital Linux administration tasks.


Students should have some basic Linux command line and file system experience. This book is an excellent companion to Linux in Action, also written by instructor David Clinton.

what you will learn

  • Server virtualization and container design
  • Close control of remote connectivity and network troubleshooting
  • Multiple approaches to filing systems and data backups
  • Configuring and securing application servers
  • Writing interactive Bash scripts
  • Controlling and monitoring system and process health

about the instructor

David Clinton is a certified Linux Server Professional, seasoned instructor, and author of Manning’s bestselling Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches and Linux in Action.

You want to learn Linux administration but don’t know where to start? This video course shows several tricks and recipes to get started and gives hints about where to go next!

Jean-François Morin

Great overview of all the pertinent aspects of administering a Linux system.

Dan Kacenjar

Very professionally presented, in a logical order, very useful for real day to day problem solving/productivity improvement.

Anonymous Reviewer

A fast paced course that will allow you to gain skill to run and maintain linux servers.

Grzegorz Bernas

A well-trained professional educator takes you by the hand and walks you through learning Linux.

Kelvin D. Meeks
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