Automated Accessibility Testing for React Applications you own this product

Introduction to accessibility audits to add in your automated test suite
Bonnie Schulkin
  • Course duration: 1h 38m

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Look inside

In this course, you will gain hands-on knowledge on how to make your web application usable by as many people as possible. Maybe you have manual accessibility testers, and you want to make sure they don't have to spend time chasing down issues that can be caught by a computer. Or perhaps you are just learning about accessibility and want to know how to incorporate audits into your automated tests. This course can help you learn all of it and teaches three levels of accessibility testing, to catch as many errors as possible using automated tests.

Make the most of the testing tools and learn to create custom rules for jest-axe, to tailor your audits to your company's standards or generate an HTML report for cypress-audit/lighthouse to help isolate errors.

While this course focuses on React applications, much of the material can be applied to other technologies (such as Angular or Vue). Additionally, each section lists alternative tools that might be a better fit your tech stack.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Bonnie Schulkin and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


  • Familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Basic experience with React and automated testing

what you will learn

  • Linting static code using eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
  • Testing rendered code using Jest, jest-axe and testing-library
  • Visual audits using Cypress and cypress-audit/lighthouse
  • Limitations of automated testing for accessibility

about the instructor

Bonnie Schulkin's teaching career started when she was very young. She taught her younger brother as a kid. With time, she gradually expanded her horizons to teaching (marginally) more willing high school students, and more recently have taught software development at various boot camps to delightfully willing adults. She has been working in the software industry on and off since the mid-90s.

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