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Ben Brumm
  • Course duration: 3h 0m
    49 exercises

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See it. Do it. Learn it! SQL in Motion introduces the SQL database language through high-quality video-based lessons and built-in exercises so you can put what you learn into practice.

about the subject

SQL is required knowledge for developers and administrators. Unlike general-purpose programming languages, SQL is purpose-built for setting up, managing, and retrieving data from databases. By mastering a handful of keywords and some basic concepts, you can confidently tackle the most common database tasks, such as defining data tables, combining multiple data sources, and retrieving specific datasets. SQL is the foundation for big commercial databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as popular open source databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

about the video

Almost every technical career requires you to interact with a database at some point. Structured Query Language, or SQL, provides a standard vocabulary for working with the most common databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others. SQL in Motion guides you through your first steps with SQL, teaching you the basics of setting up a database and retrieving information from it. Using the popular (and FREE!) MySQL database, you'll explore 3 hours of easy-to-follow video lessons. SQL in Motion is packed with exercises to try out, so you can learn SQL by doing SQL. And you can rest easy knowing you're in the hands of SQL expert and experienced instructor Ben Brumm. If you've never touched a database before, or you're looking to refresh your SQL skills, SQL in Motion is the perfect place to get moving fast.


This course is suitable for any beginner-level software developer or administrator.

what you will learn

  • Setting up your SQL database
  • Understanding SQL terms and keywords
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting tables
  • Making the most of subqueries
  • Essential everyday best practices
  • The vendors of SQL, and their differences

about the instructor

Ben Brumm has been working with SQL for over a decade as a database consultant. An expert in Oracle and MySQL, Ben is an accomplished author of various Udemy courses and has obtained the Oracle SQL Expert certification.

The concepts are covered at a comfortable pace and the methods used to demonstrate those concepts make learning the subject very easy.

James Bishop, Web Developer

A good starting point if you need to learn to use SQL quickly.

Peter White, Enterprise Architect

A great introductory course for those exploring MySQL's implementation of the SQL language.

Ruben Leon, Web Developer
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