JUnit and Mockito Unit Testing for Java Developers you own this product

Master unit testing Java applications using JUnit, Mockito and Hamcrest
Matthew Speake
  • Course duration: 2h 56m
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Look inside

Do you want to get hands-on demonstrations of JUnit and Mockito in action, in a simple no-fluff guide to how unit testing works?

Are you struggling to understand unit testing and would like a friendly guide to help you get it from the ground up?

Maybe you're a junior Java developer who is just starting out and you need a hands-on guide to JUnit and Mockito unit testing to get up and running quickly?

Or you might be an old hand at Java who has been out of practice and needs to level up your unit-testing skills for a new project?

Perhaps you've started a new job where JUnit and Mockito are used to test applications, and you need to get up to speed on the best practices. Or you're learning industry-standard tools to better place you ahead of the competition. Or you just want to ramp up your unit testing knowledge quickly in a no-fuss guide.

Then… this course is for you! It takes you straight from the beginning, and gets you up and running, then fully proficient at writing unit tests using JUnit, Mockito and Hamcrest. It unlocks the mechanics of how JUnit and Mockito work, so you are able to better test your Java projects with the frameworks and have fun doing so!

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Matt Speake and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


Basic knowledge of coding in Java

what you will learn

  • Write unit tests confidently using JUnit
  • Understand mocking and mock objects and how to test interactions with Mockito
  • Use Mockito to create test fixtures and stub methods by programmatic and annotation-driven test setup
  • Analyze production code to guide writing unit tests
  • Learn the JUnit Assertions API
  • Write assertions with Hamcrest, the popular assertions library shipped with JUnit

about the instructor

Matt Speake is a professional Java software engineer and have been programming for more than 20 years, working everywhere from small startups to large investment banks.

He started JavaEasily in 2018 so he could produce courses focused on teaching Java technology to students all around the world.

Since then he has been busy creating the Java Easily website and publishing courses and articles on different aspects of Java.

Feel free to check out the JavaEasily YouTube channel and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

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