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Learn the Linux Command Line Step by Step with Concrete Linux Terminal Examples

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Learning the Linux command line can be quite confusing at best. I experienced that on my own with my first Linux lessons in school. I just didn’t get it, and I didn’t see the point of using all those complicated commands to complete exercises that I wasn’t going to use in real life.

At first, I was lost and kind of demotivated about it. But after a few professional experiences (web and mobile development, server administration and automation, and robotics), I started to get a good grasp on the Linux terminal, and more importantly, I started to really understand why I need it and why it’s super powerful. Now, when I use Linux OS, I remove almost all graphical tools and open the terminal for everything.

I’ve put all my years of Linux experience into this course with a strong focus on understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This is basically what was lacking in my own education. My goal is that you get a strong Linux command-line foundation in just a few hours and maybe avoid being confused for a few months or years before really getting it.

This Linux command-line foundation helps you with anything IT related: web or software development, data science, machine learning, robotics, system administration, and so forth. This course provides the building blocks that you need to go in any other direction.

There are many things that look fancy but are a waste of time, especially when you begin. I’m going to teach you what I use personally. No need to learn 150 commands to get started. With just a few commands and a good understanding, you can go a long way.

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This course was created independently by Edouard Renard and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


Basic understanding of Linux

what you will learn

  • Navigate and understand the Linux file system
  • Create and manage your own files and folders
  • Write to files using a command-line text editor (Nano)
  • Change files and users’ permissions
  • Install and update software
  • Monitor Linux processes and computer resources
  • Remotely connect to a Linux machine using SSH

about the instructor

Edouard Renard is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and robotics teacher. He enjoys teaching new technologies to people and makes complex stuff easy to understand. His method is simple and contains only three words—step by step.

He knows how hard it can be to learn a new topic and to be lost in an ocean of information without knowing what to do. In his courses, he makes sure that his students learn one step at a time through practicing and that students also learn the best practices.

Edouard is passionate about robotics. He cofounded a robotics startup in 2016, building a complete robotic arm from scratch with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and ROS. He likes building cool new robotics projects in his free time. 

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