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Michael Kennedy
  • Course duration: 7h 11m

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Talk Python: Python for Absolute Beginners is a new addition to the exciting Talk Python series from podcaster and software trainer Michael Kennedy. Aimed at learners who are brand new to programming, it’s filled with clear visuals, and hands-on exercises almost every chapter. You’ll start at the very beginning, learning the big ideas and concepts covered in a CS 101 course. Then you’ll move on to writing increasingly complex code and applications in Python, including fun games! If you never had that formal computer science background but need to jump into programming and Python, this course has your back.

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This course was created independently by Python expert Michael Kennedy and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.
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about the subject

Python is a simple and accessible programming language that’s perfect for beginners. It packs all the power, flexibility, and huge stack of tools and libraries to make it a premier modern language. Python skills are in high demand from industry and can easily be turned to a wide variety of tasks, from security scripting to machine learning.

about the video

Talk Python: Python for Absolute Beginners is a ground-up guide to software development using Python, for learners with no previous programming experience. It condenses core computer science concepts down into the need-to-know essentials, making sure you have the big concepts clearly covered before diving into writing code. You’ll learn how programmers approach problem solving, and then move on to writing your first Python apps. To build your skills, you’ll create several fun and challenging games including Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect4 clones, learning a wide range of topics relevant to professional projects.


No previous knowledge of Python or programming required.

what you will learn

  • Installing Python and an editor to write code
  • Data structures and the big ideas of programming
  • Interactive code that has a conversation with the user or data
  • Functions to make your code more maintainable and reusable
  • Create a basic AI / computer opponent for the games
  • Problem-solving techniques to help you dive right into writing code
  • Use external libraries from
  • Add error handling to your application

about the instructor

Michael Kennedy is the host of the #1 Python podcast, Talk Python to Me. He’s interviewed many of the leaders and creators in the Python community and brings that perspective to all the courses he creates. He has been a professional software trainer for over 10 years.
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