Manning FAQs

Do you have a question or problem with the site? Need help? The Manning FAQs provides answers to frequently asked questions. And if all else fails, you can always contact Manning support and we'll be happy to respond.

eBooks, pBooks, and MEAPs

My download link expired, or I missed an email update, can I get a new one?

You don't need new links! You can download your eBooks on demand via a Manning user account. Go to our Account page to create an account and sign in.

When will ePub/Kindle formats be available for my book?

Conversion to ePub begins when the final ePDF is released. Due to the unique challenges presented by the content of our technical books, this does take additional time. We appreciate your patience.

Is my book available in ePub/Kindle format? Do I have to pay extra for mobile editions?

Your purchase includes all electronic formats available. Each book's product page indicates which formats are available for that title.

How do I add an eBook to my Kindle?

Please visit Amazon Device Support for help with your Kindle.

How do I add an eBook to my iPad?

Please visit Apple iPad Support for help with your iPad.

How do I download an eBook?

Once you have completed a purchase on, you will receive two automated messages from our system. The first will be an order confirmation email. The second will be a product delivery email that will contain a link(s) to download your eBook or MEAP. You can also download on demand any time via your Manning User Account. To create an account or log in, go to our Account page.

I lost my eBook, can I download it again? When do the download links in my product delivery email expire?

Once you purchase a Manning eBook, you own it for life. The links we send by email are active for 5 days. After that, you can download via a Manning User Account on demand. Go to our Account page to register or sign in.

I know what an eBook is, but what's a pBook?

A pBook is a print book. Also known as a paper book (softbound or hardcover), only published works are available as pBooks. MEAPs — which are manuscripts, not finished books — are only available as eBooks.

Will the printed book be in black & white, or color?

Unless otherwise noted, Manning pBooks are in black and white. In many cases, the eBook includes color graphics.

What is a MEAP? Where can I find out more about the MEAP Program?

MEAP stands for Manning Early Access Program. It is a pre-order option that allows readers to see chapters while the book is still in development. For more details, visit our MEAP Program page.

How long can I download a MEAP?

Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) subscriptions entitle users to download chapters as they are written, edited, and released, months before the whole book is published. MEAP downloads are available until the book is completed and all chapters have been released. Each time a new MEAP version is released, all subscribers are emailed a download link that is active for 5 days. When the book is finished, MEAP subscribers will be sent a link to download the final eBook.

Emailed links are active for 5 days. If you miss the download window for either a MEAP version or an eBook, you can always download on demand from your Manning bookshelf. Go to our Account page to create an account or sign in.

What is Manning's DRM policy? What security restrictions are enabled on the PDF eBooks? Can I print, copy and paste, etc?

Manning eBooks are DRM-free. We do personalize each eBook with a license stamp in the footer of the PDF. There are no print or copy & paste restrictions on the PDF eBooks. You can also download your eBook as many times as you want, and put it on as many devices as you wish.

Where can I find a copy Manning's eBook license?

Read a copy of the Manning eBook license.

Help! I never received an email directing me to the download page for the eBook!

Spam filters can sometimes send our emails to your junk mail folder. Please check for our email there. Adding to your address book can help keep this from happening. If you still can't find our email, you can download your digital content from a Manning User Account bookshelf. Go to our Account page to create an account or sign in.

My eBook file seems to be corrupted, or, I get a strange error message when attempting to download

In most cases, the problem is due to the web browser not recognizing and using the right transfer method when directly viewing in the browser. Please try to right-click on the download link, and select the "Save target as..." (or "Save link as", "Download Linked File as", depending on your browser) option. This will force the browser to use its file download transfer method which is much more reliable. If you have already downloaded a corrupted fragment make sure to delete the corrupted file before downloading a new copy. If this does not solve the problem, please send an email to for assistance.

Some proxy servers/firewalls have been known to interrupt or completely block our eBook downloads. If you are behind a proxy server or firewall and continue to have problems, try to make the download from a directly connected computer (or temporarily disable your proxy/firewall while making the download.)

We highly recommend installing all patches for your browser (especially for Microsoft Internet Explorer). Older or buggy versions of browsers are known to contain security flaws that may interfere with proper functioning of the website.

I'm having trouble downloading the source code, can you email it to me?

We're sorry you are having trouble downloading our book source code. Unfortunately we cannot email source code to customers so you need to get the web download working.

Here are three possible reasons your download is being be blocked:

  1. Your ISP's DNS server is not up to date. If you get a "host not found" error, then just wait a couple minutes and try again. Your ISP should update its DNS server with our server's address and you should get through.
  2. You have a firewall or proxy server blocking the download. You'll have to find another network connection to download from or tell the firewall/proxy server administrator to not block the download.
  3. You're running an older version of IE. Upgrade to the latest version and apply all security patches, or try using another browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Please note that some of our Chinese customers have trouble downloading source code. This is an issue with some Chinese ISPs, and beyond our control. Please contact your ISP or try a different internet connection.


I would like to upgrade my subscription

To upgrade your subscription, go to your plan details page and click on the upgrade button.

I would like to use my credits

To use your credits, simply go to any book, project, or video page and add it to your cart. If you have any available credits, they will be automatically applied and you'll get the product for free (in the case of a digital product) or with a 50% discount in the case of a print book.

I would like to pause my subscription

You can pause the renewal of your subscription at any time. You will receive no further charges when your subscription is paused.

You'll continue to have access to your subscription from the date you pause it until the renewal date, thereafter, your subscription will be paused until you choose to restart it.

To pause your subscription, go to your plan details page and click on the "pause subscription" link.

I would like to cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription, go to your plan details page and click on the "cancel subscription" link.

I would like to share my subscription

To share your subscription, go to your share subscription page and simply enter the email of the person you'd like to share your subscription with.

The person whose email address you enter will receive an email explaining how to get their subscription access.

Once that's done, they will have access to all Manning content until either:

  1. you pause or cancel your subscription, or
  2. you revoke their access - this can be done through this same page used to share the subscription.

I would like to get more seats for my team subscription

To get more seats for your team subscription, go to the subscription page and choose the one that works best for you.


I need to change my shipping address on a pending order

You can change your shipping address for all your pending orders by going to Account Settings -> MEAP Shipping Address.

What is the standard shipping time once the book ships?

US shipments average 2-3 days for delivery but can take as long as 10 days. International shipments originating from the US take approximately 10 days to arrive at destination countries. However, customs delays can be as long as 8 weeks and are beyond our control.

I have only received some of the books I ordered. Why was my order split into multiple shipments?

Due to variations in inventory status, we may split a single order into multiple shipments. If there is stock on hand in the warehouse, items will be picked, packed and shipped within 3 business days and will ship together. If an order item is set up as a print-on-demand title, it will print and ship separately within 5 business days. When you purchase a MEAP Combo, you have pre-ordered the print book, which will ship when the final book is published. From time to time, a title may be temporarily backordered while a reprint or inventory transfer is in progress, in which case we ship the rest of the order immediately, and the backordered item as soon as it is available to ship.

I have not received the pBook I ordered

If you purchased a MEAP, you have pre-ordered a title that has not yet been published. Visit the book's product page on our site see the current estimated publication date. MEAP subscribers that have pre-ordered pBooks will automatically be shipped the softbound edition as soon as it is printed.

If the pBook you ordered has been published, please check the estimated shipment transit times to see if it falls within normal ranges. For international shipments, please check with your local post office to see if the package is being held in customs. If you suspect a shipment has been lost, please contact us at

When is my book going to ship?

For published books shipped from our warehouse in the US, your order will be shipped within 3 business days. For print-on-demand orders, your order should ship within 5 business days. For MEAP pre-orders, your book will be shipped from our warehouse as soon as the book is published and the stock arrives from the bindery.

Where can I find my tracking number? Can you verify shipment?

For shipments originating in the US, you should receive a shipment notification that contains the tracking number when the book leaves the warehouse. Please note that not all shipments have tracking numbers. Since shipping costs have risen dramatically in recent years, our international economy method does not use tracking numbers so that you can save on shipping costs. If you don't have a tracking number, we can look up the shipment in our system and verify when and how it was shipped. Please contact with your order number for assistance.

My order hasn't arrived yet, what can you do?

Please send an email to and we will check on your order. If the item is backordered, we can provide you with an estimated ship date. If the shipment appears to have been lost, we can send a replacement item.

Can I get Express shipping?

Yes, we have expedited methods available for both domestic and international orders. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for the complete list of methods and rates.


What is the refund/exchange policy on liveProject purchases?

liveProjects are refundable within 7 days of purchase or until you upload your first deliverable, whichever comes first. There are no exchanges on liveProjects.

How can I get a refund or an exchange for a MEAP book that has been canceled?

You can submit a request on our MEAP Exchange or Refund page which you can get to from the Cancelled MEAP on your dashboard. You will need to provide your email address and order number. If you have trouble using our form, please contact us at

I cannot find my country in the drop down box when checking out. How can I purchase an eBook? How can I purchase a pBook?

Unfortunately, due to high rates of fraud and unreliable shipment delivery, we cannot accept orders from all countries. We can accept payments from any country serviced by PayPal.

I accidentally purchased multiple copies of an eBook. What can I do?

If you are able to inform us right away, before the payment has been processed, we can void the transaction. If the payment has already been processed, we can either process a refund, or offer you another eBook in exchange.

I need an invoice for my purchase.

Invoices can be downloaded from Account details/Order history.

I placed an order and did not get an order confirmation email or product delivery email

Please email us at and we will determine whether or not the order was created, or whether system emails failed to send.

I am not receiving emails, or MEAP update emails, from Manning

Some spam filters may place our emails in your junk mail folder. Please check for our messages there. A firewall in your location may also be blocking our mail. Adding to your address book can help prevent this from happening. If you are behind a company firewall, you may need to speak with your network administrator for assistance.

If you can't find our email, contact us at for help. It may be that you mistyped your address when placing the order. We can assist you with checking the address on the order, and may be able to set an alternate email address on your account if you continue having trouble receiving mail from us.

I did not receive my print book, due to shipping error or backorder. Can I request a refund?

Certainly. We try to fulfill every order promptly, but errors do occur. If this rare circumstance happens to you, we will gladly refund your money. If your book is on backorder and you wish to cancel the order for a refund, just let us know. Write to for assistance.

I can't find my order number or receipt. Can you look up my order?

Yes. Write to with your name, email, order date, last four digits of the credit card used, or any other details you can provide, and we'll make every attempt to track down the order in our system.

Where can I find ordering information?

Please visit our placing an order page for detailed order information. Special sales inquires can be made by writing to

What does an "out of stock" book mean?

Out of stock titles are temporarily unavailable for purchase but Manning plans to print more copies. You may send an email to to ask about a book's anticipated availability date.

What does an "out of print" book mean?

Out of print titles are no longer being printed or sold by Manning. Some books are not available in print but are still sold in eBook-only format. If you want to obtain a copy of an out of print book, you'll need to search for retailers who may still be carrying stock or selling used copies of the book.

Special sales and discounts

The Deal of the Day coupon has expired; can you extend this for me?

Sorry, but we are unable to extend the Deal of the Day discounts, they are active for just 24 hours. Keep checking our notices as we offer a wide selection of discounts, and it won't be long before another great deal comes your way.

A coupon code is not working

Please double check the code where you obtained it (our website, a promotional email, or whatever the source), and verify that the item in your cart matches what is being offered in the coupon. If you are certain the code is correct for the items in your cart, please send an email to with as much detail as possible and we'll be happy to assist.

I purchased an eBook from, can I upgrade to the print version?

Yes! The cost to upgrade from an eBook to a pBook is only $12 + shipping. Simply write to with your order number or the email you used to purchase the eBook and we will send you an upgrade code. Upgrades are only available to original customers who purchased the eBook at, and cannot be combined with other discount offers.

I purchased my print book from Amazon (or elsewhere), can I get a free copy of the eBook?

Yes! Inside the front cover of every book printed by Manning* since the inception of our eBook Offer program you will find an insert explaining how to get your free eBook. Simply open the insert and register the book by following the instructions printed inside. Should you have any problems retrieving your eBook, please email for help.

*This does not include books printed prior to the inception of our pBook registration program, or books not printed by Manning, such as translations and English-language reprints produced for sale in India.

User account

Does Manning have user accounts where I can download all of my books?

Yes, we do! To create an account or sign in to an existing account go to our Account page.

Why do I need a Manning user account?

We have created a user account system to provide you with unlimited, on-demand access to your digital content as well as other convenient account management capabilities. User accounts are a secure, reliable and convenient way to deliver your eBooks and MEAPs.

I am unable to get into my user account, or the account system is not recognizing my email address.

All user accounts must be activated through an email verification link prior to use. Please be sure that you have registered for an account, or have placed at least one order in our system, and activated the account by clicking on the verification link our system emails you, before contacting us for support. If you don't see an activation email in your inbox, please check your junk folder and make sure that is not marked as spam.

One or more of my books are not showing up in my user account

Orders are associated to user accounts by email address. If you have used more than one email to place orders in the past, you must add each email address to your user account. To do so, log in to your Account, click on the Account Details tab, and go to the Change Email/Password section. There you can enter a New Email Address and click Save to add it to your account. You can also request help merging multiple user accounts by contacting us at


I am dissatisfied with the quality of the book I purchased. Can I request a refund?

We hope you are never unhappy with our books, but sometimes readers are disappointed. If we mess up in some way, our goal is to "Make it Right" by granting refunds, exchanges, or special discounts. You can return pBooks ordered from for a refund. You can cancel a MEAP subscription for a refund or a one-time exchange within 30 days of purchase. Because they are delivered immediately and are not returnable, eBooks are nonrefundable.

Where can I report errors that I read in your books?

First please check the book's product page for a link to known Errata. If you discover an error not listed in the Errata, please post the information to the liveBook Discussion Forum, which is accessible from the product page.

Where can I post questions I have about the book?

Manning hosts a forum for each book we publish. You can access the forum for a particular book by navigating to liveBook's Forum and searching for the book title. Opening the Discussion Forum dropdown from any liveBook page will open that book's discussion.

I tried to download an eBook or MEAP and was blocked by my company's security measures. Is there anything I can do?

You should first talk to your company's system administrator regarding their download policies. If they cannot provide a solution, you may need to download from a different location.

How can I contact you about...?

Please visit our contacts page for detailed contact information.

I wrote to support and have not had a response — what gives?

Please allow 1-2 business days to hear back from us. On rare occasions, emails sent to our support inbox get lost, either by failed delivery or by being caught in our spam filter and missed. If you think your email is not getting through to us, please send a message via one of our social media channels.

How can I find out if a book is available?

Please visit our catalog to see all available titles. Detailed product information is listed on each book's individual product page.

Can I get Manning's TaxID number?

Yes. Please send a message to Manning Business with your request.

Not seeing your answer here?

You can email