Manning Publications Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the Manning Publications Affiliate Program. Earn a commission by promoting Manning products on your website. Every time you direct a consumer from your website to, you earn money when that consumer makes a purchase.

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions about becoming an affiliate of Manning Publication, please reach out to to get more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Manning Affiliate Program?

Our program is free to join and easy to use. As a Publisher, you place our links (e.g. banners or textual links) on your website. When a visitor clicks our link on your website and makes a purchase on, you earn an 8% commission (percent of sale).

All activity will be tracked by Post Affiliate Pro. You can run performance reports and track your commissions using their reporting tools.

Benefits of the Manning Publications Affiliate Program include:

  • 8% Commission on each sale
  • 30-day cookie duration is
  • Dedicated program manager
  • Frequestly updated promotional banners

You will find a variety of links that you may place on your site. There are three different types of campaigns available from which to choose:

  1. Single Product Campaign - banners/links to each individual product
  2. Subject-Specific campaign - all products related to a specific subject such as Python, JavaScript, etc. available on a dedicated landing page
  3. Special Deals - weekly promotions featuring additional savings for shoppers for a limited time.

How do I access the affiliate dashboard?

Sign up or log in to your account on Post Affiliate Pro.

How do the payments work?

Affiliate payouts are quarterly and happen by the 3rd week in April, July, October, and January.

Outside of the US, Manning does not pay any VATs (taxes) for affiliate payments. With a W-8, the funds do not need to be reported to the US government but it does not suffice for their country’s taxes.

In regards to payment options and fees, PayPal has documentation about their fee process, dependent on the specific country. We are also able to pay by wire through FMP Global or TransferWise.

As a Manning author, can I earn a commission in addition to my royalties?

Yes, you will earn an 8% commission on all sales you drive to using your affiliate tracking link.

May I link directly to from a search engine?

Direct links need to be approved in Post Affiliate Pro and are permitted only for our authors.

Is it possible to download the links for all Manning products at the same time?

All links use the same structure. It is not possible to download them all at one time.

What are your best performing products?

Your dedicated account manager can share this information with you, and can be reached at

How may I promote the Manning products?

You can post your affiliate links on your website, social media links, or any other channel you manage.

As a Manning author, will I earn a commission on all purchases made through my affiliate link to my title on

Yes, you will earn an 8% commission every time a shopper purchases a Manning product by clicking through your affiliate link. The commission is not limited to the book you are promoting.

What is the Referral ID?

The referral ID or affiliate ID is a unique identifier defined by the affiliate. It represents the account of the one who generates the link

The target link is an old URL, created before the book was renamed. Should this be updated?

The target link is the old link because the MEAP was loaded into the system as soon as it started. To correct this, we create a redirect taking the visitor to the new page. No update is needed.

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