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Taurius Litvinavicius
  • Course duration: 1h 13m

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The Postman API development platform simplifies each step of building your API—in particular your testing. In the liveVideo course Postman, you’ll quickly get up to speed with all the skills you need to rapidly test your APIs. From the basics of send requests to practical techniques to speed up development, each new method is thoroughly illustrated with practical demonstrations.

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This course was created independently by Taurius Litvinavicius and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

about the subject

Postman is an API development platform that is perfect for testing your APIs. You can use Postman to automate many common tests, including unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, and more. Automated testing ensures your apps are bug free, your development process is streamlined and that you can more easily scale your applications.

about the video

This rapid-fire course will get you up and running with Postman in no time! You’ll start with the basics of send requests, read response, attaching cookies, and more. Once that’s locked in, you’ll learn how to easily share data between different devices. Finally, you’ll learn practical and easy-to-apply Postman techniques that will ease your development process and streamline your front-end development.


For developers with API experience.

what you will learn

  • Send API calls
  • Test API responses
  • Mock API calls
  • Sharing data
  • Publishing documentation

about the instructor

Taurius Litvinavicius is a businessman, author, and tech expert.
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