Mastering Spring Framework Fundamentals you own this product

Master the everyday essentials of the Spring Framework to boost your development career
Matthew Speake
  • Course duration: 5h 4m

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This course takes you head first into the exciting world of Spring development!

It gets you up and running working with existing Spring applications, and gives you the confidence to start building your own. In this course we don't waste time going into the esoteric parts of the Spring Framework you'll never encounter. Instead, we focus on the stuff you need to get the job done and develop applications.

You'll get to know all the major parts of the core framework, such as:

  • The Spring container and how it manages your beans for you and delivers a flexible runtime environment for applications
  • The concept of dependency injection—how it works and how it is applied in Spring
  • Inversion of Control—what it is and why it's so useful
  • Spring property management and how to manage application properties and state
  • Profiles in Spring and how they are used and applied
  • Proxies and proxying—and how they work to magically do things such as making service methods transactional
  • The various lifecycle and callback interfaces and events you need to know to integrate with and access lower-level components of the Spring container
  • Spring JDBC and how to work with databases
  • Working with Spring Aspects to apply Aspect Oriented Programming in the container
  • Spring MVC and web application development with Spring

and much much more!

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This course was created independently by Matt Speake and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

about the subject

Spring is the most in-demand skill for Java developers beyond knowledge of the Java programming language itself. The open-source Spring Framework is a lightweight and flexible infrastructure for developing applications in Java. Spring is built around dependency injection, which means it reduces the coupling—and dependencies—between app layers so development is faster and less tedious.


  • Basic Java skills
  • An understanding of the basic concepts of object-oriented programming

what you will learn

  • Confidently use the Spring Framework container in the workplace
  • Practical understanding of the concepts of dependency injection, inversion of control, and autowiring and the Spring container
  • Use XML, annotation-based, and Java-based configuration to create Spring-managed beans in the container
  • Understand how the Spring container is used in modern Java applications
  • Use properties in Spring applications
  • Apply profiles in Spring applications to manage environment-specific property sets
  • Work with the Spring framework and its dependency injection and autowiring features
  • Use the Spring JDBC to work with databases
  • Apply Spring Aspects to tackle cross-cutting project concerns
  • Spring MVC and web development with Spring

about the instructor

Matt Speake is a professional Java software engineer and have been programming for more than 20 years, working everywhere from small startups to large investment banks.

He started JavaEasily in 2018 so he could produce courses focused on teaching Java technology to students all around the world.

Since then he has been busy creating the Java Easily website and publishing courses and articles on different aspects of Java.

Feel free to check out the JavaEasily YouTube channel and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

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