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Make your Raspberry Pi Communicate with Arduino: Build a Complete Intercom Project (Serial, Telegram Bot, Pi Camera)

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Working only with Raspberry Pi or only with Arduino is already nice: you can do a lot of projects. But sometimes, this is not enough. You will need to combine the strength of both boards: the power of software with Raspberry Pi (the brain) and the closeness to hardware with Arduino (the muscles).

When looking for tutorials or courses about this on the internet, I found that they are all simplified and work with a superficial setup, and only for that setup! If you add any component, any functionality, you’re going to be stuck.

In this course, you won’t get copy and paste examples but a complete (and efficient) step-by-step process to create any application with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I will show you how to start a successful serial communication between the two boards and how to build an application with new components and features around this bridge. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own custom projects with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Edouard Renard and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


  • Arduino basics with C++ and how to build a circuit
  • Raspberry pi basics with Python 3
  • Arduino board, Raspberry Pi board, a few hardware components

what you will learn

  • Make Raspberry Pi communicate with Arduino using a single serial task
  • Build a complete Intercom system with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Use Raspberry Pi as the brain and Arduino as the muscles of your application
  • Understand the differences between Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Install and configure Arduino IDE on Raspberry Pi OS
  • Create a bidirectional serial communication
  • Build a custom protocol to talk over serial connections
  • Write code with Python 3 on Raspberry Pi and with C++ on Arduino
  • Create a telegram bot with Python 3
  • Send notifications from your Raspberry Pi to your phone
  • Control Arduino from a telegram chat
  • Practice a lot with nine activities and one final project
  • Develop an engineer mindset when solving problems
  • Be more independent when working on your future projects
  • Understand the “why” behind things

about the instructor

Edouard Renard is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and robotics teacher. He enjoys teaching new technologies to people and makes complex stuff easy to understand. His method is simple and contains only three words—step by step.

He knows how hard it can be to learn a new topic and to be lost in an ocean of information without knowing what to do. In his courses, he makes sure that his students learn one step at a time through practicing and that students also learn the best practices.

Edouard is passionate about robotics. He cofounded a robotics startup in 2016, building a complete robotic arm from scratch with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and ROS. He likes building cool new robotics projects in his free time. 

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