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Angular for Java Developers, Part 3
Matt Greencroft
  • Course duration: 5h 11m
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Look inside
Learning to build beautiful front ends and working as a full stack developer is one of the best ways to move up the career ladder. In Angular for Java Developers Part Three: Building a real site you’ll work hands-on to create a fully responsive, functioning front-end application using Angular. All examples are related to the kind of Java development you’re familiar with, making it easy to expand your skills. In the third of a running series of five courses, you’ll learn how to incorporate resources like Bootstrap, and how to use template and reactive forms.

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This course was created independently by Angular expert Matt Greencroft and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

about the subject

The Angular framework is used by millions of developers, powering frontends from simple prototypes to Google’s own web apps. Prized for its scalability, Angular also offers lightning fast speed and response times and the chance to reuse code for both web and mobile. Best of all, it can be integrated with backends built in Java.

about the video

Angular for Java Developers is a five course series that teaches Java programmers how to use Angular and JavaScript to build applications that are maintainable, testable, and secure. In Part Three, you’ll build a fully responsive, fully functioning Angular frontend. You’ll learn about routing, the concepts of Data, Models and Views, and how to programmatically add controls with reactive forms.


For viewers with basic Java experience.

what you will learn

  • The third course in the Angular for Java Developers series
  • Incorporating external resources like Bootstrap
  • Using observables for data
  • Template form validation
  • Using the FormBuilder
  • Fixing a lifecycle bug

about the instructor

Matt Greencroft has over twenty years of experience as a programmer, primarily working in the banking sector. Matt now teaches for Virtual Pair Programmers. His specialties are Microservices, Spring Boot, Apache Spark and Kotlin.
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