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This intensive program is designed for both beginners eager to dive into the world of data science and seasoned professionals looking to deepen their understanding of machine learning, deep learning, and TensorFlow's capabilities.

Starting with Python—a cornerstone of modern AI development—we'll guide you through its essential features and libraries that make data manipulation and analysis a breeze. As we delve into machine learning, you'll learn the foundational algorithms and techniques, moving seamlessly from supervised to unsupervised learning, paving the way for the magic of deep learning.

With TensorFlow, one of the most dynamic and widely-used deep learning frameworks, we'll uncover how to craft sophisticated neural network architectures, optimize models, and deploy AI-powered solutions. We don't just want you to learn—we aim for you to master. By the course's end, you'll not only grasp the theories but also gain hands-on experience, ensuring that you're industry ready.

Whether you aspire to innovate in AI research or implement solutions in business settings, this comprehensive course promises a profound understanding, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to harness the power of Python, Machine Learning, and TensorFlow.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Meta Brains and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


Basic understanding of Python (syntax and programming), data structures, and some math skills

what you will learn

  • Fundamentals of machine learning, deep learning, and their applications
  • Setting up and navigating TensorFlow, understanding its architecture and APIs
  • Supervised learning algorithms such as linear regression, SVMs, and decision trees
  • Unsupervised techniques including clustering and PCA
  • Understanding and construction of neural networks, including CNNs and RNNs, using TensorFlow
  • Evaluate and optimize ML models, addressing overfitting and mastering hyperparameter tuning
  • How to deploy TensorFlow models in production environments
  • How to apply skills in a hands-on image classification project
  • Python basics to advanced ML and TensorFlow applications

about the instructor

Meta Brains is a professional training brand developed by a team of software developers and finance professionals who have a passion for coding, finance, and Excel. They bring together professional and educational experiences to create world-class training programs accessible to everyone. Currently, they're focused on the next great revolution in computing: the metaverse. Their ultimate objective is to train the next generation of talent so we can code and build the metaverse together.

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