Placing an Order

Manning Publications accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal payments for orders through our website.

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eBook orders are processed and delivered immediately. Because they are not returnable, eBook orders are non-refundable.

pBook orders of published books are sent to our fulfillment house same day. Packages are prepared and shipped generally within 3 business days.

MEAP Combo orders include immediate access to the manuscript in electronic format, and a preorder of the print book. If you have ordered a MEAP pBook prior to its publication, check the book's product page on this site for the current estimated publication date.

Error messages

A "busy" message indicates that your order was not processed because communication with the payment processor failed. Please wait for a short while and then try again.

A "card declined" message indicates that the payment processor could not process the authorization. Please contact your card issuer for assistance.

Order inquiries

To inquire about a web order you have placed, please send an email to Manning customer support.

Quantity Orders

Discounted bulk orders for printed books and eBooks can be placed by contacting us via email. We will work up a custom quote to best suit your needs.