Manuscript Reviews

Help us make a good book—be a manuscript reviewer

Manuscript Reviewers read chapter drafts and provide feedback that helps us and the authors improve them. They comment on the writing, technical content, examples, source code, Table of Contents, and even offer their opinions on the state of the technology or reader needs. The goal of a manuscript review is to improve the quality of the book prior to publication, by testing the content's relevance, accuracy, readability and scope of coverage.

What are the requirements?

All you need is to be interested in the book's topic. While expertise is certainly helpful, we need reviews both from experts and beginners. We currently have more than 6,000 reviewers to draw upon with varying interests and levels of expertise. The manuscript review is a vital part of making a great book and all Manning chapters are reviewed multiple times by many people.

How does it work?

Once you have joined our reviewer pool, we will let you know about upcoming reviews. Most reviews are batched, with a set number of chapters to be reviewed, and a fixed start and end date. This allows reviewers to check their schedules to make sure they are able to participate. Other manuscripts have ongoing chapter-by-chapter reviews, that allow you to grab each new chapter as it comes in and then read it and share your thoughts with us.

What do I get?

All potential Manuscript Reviewers will receive periodic Newsletters from Manning with information about the books we currently have in development and upcoming reviews. Reviewers are not paid. They are acknowledged in the book they reviewed and they receive a complimentary copy of the eBook as well as the printed book. This invitation is open to anyone with feedback to share, including MEAP subscribers.

Door to other opportunities

We often invite the best reviewers to become Tech Proofers and Tech Development Editors (TDEs), which are paid roles. TDEs also get additional instructions and a training session over Skype to better analyze whether a manuscript is effective in teaching to its target audience. The training is, the trainees tell us, an interesting and valuable experience!

Some of Manning's authors were first noticed as Manuscript Reviewers.


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