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Master ROS2 Basics and Become a Robot Operating System (ROS) Developer
Edouard Renard
  • Course duration: 11h 53m
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Look inside

In this course, and in a few hours, I will take you step by step from a complete beginner to a ROS2 developer who writes scalable robotics applications. Are you learning ROS2 from scratch? You might be asking yourself, “Where do I start? How do I learn this material? What to do first?”

When I first started using the Robot Operating System (ROS), it was hard for me to answer those questions. Thus, learning ROS/ROS2 was difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you learn with the right resources.

Also, something I noticed is that when people teach ROS2, they often make comparisons with ROS1. What if you don’t know ROS1?

I created this course so that you can properly learn ROS2 from the beginning, with no prior knowledge of ROS and without having to waste weeks or even months trying to find out what to do. After completing this course, you can say goodbye to the big learning curve everyone faces when learning ROS2.

The course is structured so that you can follow it one step at a time and get everything you need in the right order. At the end of the course, you’ll be confident enough to start your own ROS2 application.

You will have the opportunity to work on a complete project using the Turtlesim simulation. This will help you practice more on everything you’ll learn in the course. That will be your first real project from A to Z.

Along the way, you’ll also learn how to use ROS2 tools to debug your application, to monitor what’s going on, and to build your code. With everything you’ll learn, along with the best practices I’ll give you, you will be ready to start any ROS2 project with a good foundation.

Distributed by Manning Publications

This course was created independently by Edouard Renard and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


  • Programming basics in Python and/or C++
  • Some basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) will be an advantage
  • You need to know how to use basic commands in a terminal

what you will learn

  • Master ROS2 core concepts
  • Build a complete ROS2 application from A to Z
  • Use ROS 2 with both Python and CPP
  • Discover ROS2 tools and how to use them
  • Best practices for ROS2 development
  • Practice with many activities and a final project
  • ROS2 nodes, topics, services, parameters, launch files, and more

about the instructor

Edouard Renard is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and robotics teacher. He enjoys teaching new technologies to people and makes complex stuff easy to understand. His method is simple and contains only three words—step by step.

He knows how hard it can be to learn a new topic and to be lost in an ocean of information without knowing what to do. In his courses, he makes sure that his students learn one step at a time through practicing and that students also learn the best practices.

Edouard is passionate about robotics. He cofounded a robotics startup in 2016, building a complete robotic arm from scratch with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and ROS. He likes building cool new robotics projects in his free time. 

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