Serverless Applications with AWS
Marcia Villalba
  • Course duration: 4h 26m
    60 exercises

A jump-start to Serverless Applications with AWS Development!

Paulo Cesar Dias Lima

See it. Do it. Learn it! Serverless Applications with AWS teaches you to build serverless applications using AWS Lambda and other cloud-based services. Featuring expert presenter Marcia Villalba, dozens of high-quality video lessons, built-in exercises, and the innovative liveVideo learning platform, you'll practice as you go and start using what you learn immediately.

Serverless Applications with AWS guides you through a fully working image resizing service built on the AWS Lambda platform. As you create the application, you'll develop an understanding of S3 and event-driven architecture, use DynamoDB for flexible metadata storage, and learn the principles of serverless application design. You'll even master REST APIs and authentication. In each crystal-clear module, you'll put your new knowledge into practice as you watch your application grow before your eyes.

About the subject

There's a huge shift away from locally-managed infrastructure, thanks to cloud solutions like AWS. Serverless applications are the next big step, freeing you from the costly and time-consuming task of day-to-day server management. AWS Lambda, along with a host of other pre-built components and services, makes it easy (and cheap!) to build powerful cloud-based applications. AWS handles scaling, load balancing, and other demand-based issues. In the serverless model, you can create apps that are stable, powerful, and practically self-managing faster than you ever imagined.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Introduction to Serverless

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to Serverless

When to Use Serverless

Create Your AWS Account and Secure it

Create First Serverless Function with AWS

Introduction to Serverless Framework

Create First Serverless Framework Project

Events with S3

What is Event-driven Architecture?

Introduction to S3 and to S3 Events

Create a Lambda That is Triggered with an S3 Event

Logs and Monitoring of AWS Lambda

Working with S3 buckets in AWS Lambda


Basic operations with S3 using Lambda

Understanding IAM permissions

Do it yourself exercise

Create Workflows with Step Functions

What are Step Functions

Serverless Framework plugins

Defining Step Functions with Serverless Framework

AWS Lambda and Step Functions

Do it yourself


Short recap of NoSQL principles

Introduction to DynamoDB

Getting started with CloudFormation

Define DynamoDB tables with Serverless Framework

DynamoDB and AWS Lambda

Do it yourself exercise

DynamoDB Streams

What are DynamoDB streams

Working with DynamoDB streams in Serverless Framework v2

REST Endpoints with API Gateway

What is API Gateway?

AWS Lambda and API Gateway

API Gateway event object

Serverless patterns for organizing functions

Create a Lambda with API Gateway that fetches image metadata

Do it yourself

REST endpoint that returns all the thumbnails for an image

How to secure your endpoints

API Gateway Authorizers

JWT Tokens

Create a token machine

Create a token machine, part 2

Do it yourself

Recap of the course

Recap of the course

What next?



This liveVideo course is for software developers interested in full-stack and back-end applications. No experience with AWS Lambda or serverless applications is required.

What you will learn

  • Getting started with AWS
  • The right time to use serverless architecture
  • Understanding the role of AWS Lambda
  • Using DynamoDB to store metadata
  • AWS DynamoDB streams
  • Managing your serverless architecture

About the instructor

Marcia Villalba is a senior full-stack developer. She has been designing and developing software professionally for over 10 years for well-known companies such as Rovio, IBM, and Nokia. Marcia has been working with AWS for more than 4 years and works daily with serverless technologies including AWS Lambda.

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An excellent introduction to securing and deploying your first serverless lambda on AWS.

Anonymous reviewer