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Spring Start Here

Learn what you need and learn it well
Laurențiu Spilcă
  • MEAP began September 2020
  • Publication in November 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298691
  • 416 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Nothing beats a good, modern, and recent introductory book on Spring. That's something I wish it was available some years back when I first encountered Spring.

Alexandros Dallas
Look inside
Spring is a massive ecosystem. In this focused, hands-on guide you'll learn the parts you really need and learn them really well.

Spring is a must-learn tool for Java developers. Spring Start Here introduces you to Java development with Spring by concentrating on the core concepts you'll use in every application you build. You'll learn how to refactor an existing application to Spring, how to use Spring tools to make SQL database requests and REST calls, and how to secure your projects with Spring Security. There's always more to learn, and this book will make your next steps much easier.

about the technology

Spring Framework is packed with features to make your applications fast, maintainable, robust and secure. This extensive ecosystem of tools for cloud computing, microservices, and more have made it the de facto choice for building enterprise Java applications.

about the book

Spring Start Here teaches you how to build professional-quality applications using Spring and Spring Boot. Author Laurențiu Spilcă draws on a decade of Java experience to show you when, where, and why to use Spring in existing and brand-new apps. You'll start with the core components of the framework and then learn how features like Spring Boot simplify the tedious repetitive tasks you face in every project. When you're done, you'll be able to create Spring apps, secure it with authentication and authorization, and move on to the next exciting steps of your Spring journey.

what's inside

  • Manage application objects with Spring context
  • Implement data persistence using data sources and transactions
  • Implement data exchange between applications using REST services
  • Learn Spring Boot's convention-over-configuration approach
  • Write unit and integration tests for apps implemented with Spring

about the reader

For developers who know the fundamentals of Java.

about the author

Laurențiu Spilcă is a dedicated development lead and trainer at Endava where he leads the development of a project in the financial market of European Nordic countries. He has over ten years' experience as a Java developer and technology teacher.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

An exhaustive introduction to Spring. Perfect for new users or a great refresher for long time users.

Nathan B. Crocker

An excellent book to quickly learn or refresh yourself on Spring.

DeUndre J. Rushon

This is a great introduction to Spring.

Rajesh Mohanan