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Spring Boot in Practice you own this product

Somnath Musib
  • MEAP began March 2021
  • Publication in July 2022 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298813
  • 539 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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A must have for the library of every Spring developer. Using this very thorough book as a reference will save countless research hours.

Becky Huett
Look inside
Go beyond the basics with Spring Boot! This practical guide presents dozens of relevant scenarios in a convenient problem-solution-discussion format.

In Spring Boot in Practice you will learn:

  • Spring Boot’s features from an expert’s perspective
  • Configuring, logging, and monitoring Spring Boot applications
  • Effective methods for database communication
  • Utilizing Spring Security and securing your Spring application in production
  • Designing and developing microservices and RESTful APIs with Spring Boot
  • Microservice versioning, documentation, and security
  • Reactive application development and reactive data access with WebSocket and RSocket
  • Deploying Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes and major cloud platforms
  • Implementing containerization in a Spring Boot application
  • Using Spring Boot with Kotlin and GraalVM

Spring Boot in Practice is full of practical recipes for common development problems in Spring Boot. Author Somnath Musib has spent years building applications with Spring, and he shares that extensive experience in this focused guide. You’ll master techniques for using Spring Data, Spring Security, and other Spring-centric solutions.

about the technology

Spring is the most popular Java framework for building medium- to enterprise-scale applications. Spring Boot abstracts away complex configurations so you can stay focused on fulfilling business requirements. More than just a “must-learn” technology for anyone building Java-based web applications, Spring Boot has become a “must-master” framework.

about the book

Spring Boot in Practice covers dozens of handy Spring Boot development techniques, from basic functions to hidden features you probably didn’t even know existed. Each recipe is built around a real-world problem, complete with a full solution and thoughtful discussion.

You’ll work your way from fundamentals to advanced functionalities as you take deep dives into auto-configuration, security implementation, and even support for reactive application development. Learn how to work with Spring Boot and Kotlin, handling connections for multiple platforms, and how Spring Boot can simplify building microservices and APIs. You’re sure to keep this practical book on hand as a reference as you build your next Spring Boot apps.

about the reader

For Java developers with Spring experience.

about the author

Somnath Musib is an Oracle Certified Java Professional and Oracle Certified Associate, with a decade of experience working with Spring.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

The best book around to cover the use of Spring Boot in a practical way.

Ashley Eatly

When we start new Spring projects, what about setting them up with Spring Boot? Spring Boot in Practice provides you with a collection of recipes and patterns to quickly get operational with your business and database layers.

Jean-François Morin

Great book for starters. Lot of good info, quick intros and real world examples.

Mladen Knežić

The book I needed two years ago! It would have helped me so much in my code.

Søren Jensen