Converting to Cloud Native in Kubernetes

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This free project is part of the liveProject series Converting Legacy Applications to Cloud Native in Kubernetes
intermediate Java • basics of Spring • basics of web development
skills learned
Spring Boot development • testing with Spring Boot • modernization techniques
John Guthrie
1 week · 6-8 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE
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This free project is part of the liveProject series Converting Legacy Applications to Cloud Native in Kubernetes explore series
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Look inside
In this liveProject, you’ll rebuild an outdated candidate report-generating application to use the latest standard of Spring Boot. This new application will take advantage of Spring Boot’s amazing features such as bundled dependencies, reduction of boilerplate code, and integration with other modern frameworks. It can also benefit from running with an embedded server, meaning your boss can finally decommission old application servers.

project author

John Guthrie
John Guthrie is an engineer at VMware, where he works in the Modern Applications Platform group, helping customers migrate their applications and infrastructure to cloud-native. He has a decades-long career working with enterprise systems and data as an administrator, developer, architect, and technical manager. His current career focuses on enabling customers, through pair-programming and other XP practices, to modernize their software and culture.


This liveProject is for intermediate Java developers, who are familiar with the basics of enterprise web development. To begin this liveProject, you will need to be familiar with the following:

  • Intermediate Java
  • Basics of Spring
  • Web servlet engine or application server
  • Basics of web development
  • Basics of web application testing

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn important technologies for modernizing legacy apps, cloud development, and containerization that are in high demand from modern businesses.

  • Development with Spring Boot
  • Testing with Spring Boot and JUnit 5
  • Modernization techniques including microservices and dependency bundling


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