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Benjamin Muschko
Foreword by Hans Dockter
  • February 2014
  • ISBN 9781617291302
  • 480 pages
  • printed in black & white

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The authoritative guide.

From the Foreword by Hans Dockter, Founder of Gradle and Gradleware
Look inside

Gradle in Action is a comprehensive guide to end-to-end project automation with Gradle. Starting with the basics, this practical, easy-to-read book discusses how to build a full-fledged, real-world project. Along the way, it touches on advanced topics like testing, continuous integration, and monitoring code quality. You'll also explore tasks like setting up your target environment and deploying your software.

about the technology

Gradle is a general-purpose build automation tool. It extends the usage patterns established by its forerunners Ant and Maven and allows builds that are expressive, maintainable, and easy to understand. Using a flexible Groovy-based DSL, Gradle provides declarative and extendable language elements that let you model your project's needs the way you want.

what's inside

  • A comprehensive guide to Gradle
  • Practical, real-world examples
  • Transitioning from Ant and Maven
  • In-depth plugin development
  • Continuous delivery with Gradle

about the reader

The book assumes a basic background in Java, but no knowledge of Groovy.

about the author

Benjamin Muschko is a member of the Gradleware engineering team and the author of several popular Gradle plugins.

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A new way to automate your builds. You’ll never miss the old one.

Nacho Ormeño, startupXplore

Required reading for the polyglot programmer!

Rob Bugh, ReachForce

The best Gradle reference ever! Full of real-world examples.

Wellington R. Pinheiro, Walmart eCommerce Brazil

The missing book to help make Gradle accessible to any developer.

Samuel Brown, Blackboard, Inc.