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With chapters selected by Dane Hillard
  • July 2020
  • ISBN 9781617298769
  • 115 pages
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Returning to code days, or even years, after its creation can feel foreign—even if you wrote it! That’s why it’s so important to write flexible, extensible code that’s easy for you and others to painlessly reuse and customize in the future. Exploring Software Extensibility showcases software extensibility concepts that will benefit developers at any stage of their careers. With a code base that you can easily navigate, your job will be more fun than ever before!

about the technology

Exploring Software Extensibility is a collection of chapters from three Manning books chosen by author and seasoned web developer Dane Hillard. The first two chapters show you how to bake flexibility into your code base by making it into manageable chunks. Then you’re ready for the final two chapters that will help you actualize some of the many benefits of extensible code. This sampler is a great first step to creating software that’s a joy to maintain, update, and extend!

what's inside

  • “Separation of Concerns in Practice” – Chapter 6 from Practices of the Python Pro by Dane Hillard
  • “Extensibility and Flexibility”—Chapter 7 from Practices of the Python Pro by Dane Hillard
  • “Changing the Behavior of Services”—Chapter 9 from Object Design Style Guide by Matthias Noback
  • “Evolving an API Design” – Chapter 9 from The Design of Web APIs by Arnaud Lauret

about the author

Dane Hillard has spent the majority of his development career using Python to build web applications.

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