Reactive Applications with Akka.NET you own this product

Anthony Brown
  • March 2019
  • ISBN
  • 280 pages
  • printed in black & white

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Look inside
Reactive Applications with Akka.NET is a hands-on book that builds on fundamental concepts to teach you how to create reliable and resilient applications in the reactive style.

about the technology

Enterprise-scale software needs to be unfailingly reliable, consistently performant under unpredictable loads, and easy to scale and maintain. Reactive applications guarantee these qualities through clear isolation of system components and message-based communication. Akka.NET ports the battle-tested Akka Actors toolkit from the JVM, radically simplifying the concurrency and asynchronous message handling at the heart of a reactive system.

about the book

Reactive Applications with Akka.NET teaches you to write high-performance, concurrent systems without explicitly managing threads and locking. You'll experience the power of Akka.NET and the Actors concurrency model by exploring a real-world case study in each chapter. As you go further, you'll start to grok the power of asynchronous communication in a distributed environment and take on practical tasks like deploying, debugging, and establishing performance guarantees.

what's inside

  • Reactive application design
  • Dealing with application-level failures
  • Integrating Akka.NET with other frameworks
  • Applying reactive programming to the real world

about the reader

Readers should be comfortable with C# or F# and the .NET framework.

about the author

Anthony Brown is a .NET consultant specializing in F# and reactive systems.

An introduction to how we're going to write software in the future.

Dror Helper, CodeValue

An excellent resource for learning how to get the best out of Akka.NET, and a book I'd recommend to anyone wanting to build reactive applications in .NET.

Chris Allan, Magnitude Software

A practical guide to thinking reactively with Akka.NET.

Adrian Bilauca, Totalsoft, a Logo Company

A complete book on how to build actor-based applications.

Lucian Enache, LEGO Systems A/S

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