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Flex on Java you own this product

Bernerd Allmon and Jeremy Anderson
  • October 2010
  • ISBN 9781933988795
  • 264 pages

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Teaches a holistic approach to building great software.

From the Foreword by James Ward, Flex Evangelist at Adobe
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Together, Flex and Java make a powerful web development platform—they blend the strengths of Java on the server with the richness of Flex on the frontend. Flex on Java is a unique book that teaches you how to work with Flex in concert with the full array of Java technologies: Spring, POJOs, JMS, and other standard tools. You also learn how to integrate Flex with server-side Java via BlazeDS remoting. Almost all the carefully annotated examples use free or open source software.

what's inside

  • Build rich Flex 4 clients over Java backend systems
  • Detailed examples using standard Java components
  • Unit testing, charting, personalization, and other real-world techniques

about the reader

This book is written for Java developers—no prior Flex experience is assumed.

about the author

BJ Allmon is a software craftsman, a polyglot developer, and team coach for Pillar Technology Group, an agile business and technology consulting firm. Jeremy Anderson is a Java developer and agile consultant with a passion for Groovy, Grails, and... Flex.

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Go from novice to expert with just this one book!

Peter Pavlovich, Kronos Incorporated

A veritable tour de force.

John S. Griffin, Coauthor of Hibernate Search in Action

Leverages your existing Java knowledge...a must-read.

Brian Curnow, Gordon Food Service

Fantastic...extremely focused...packed with practical examples.

Doug Warren, Java Web Services