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Wouter Groeneveld
  • MEAP began September 2022
  • Publication in Spring 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781633439054
  • 275 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Look inside
Creativity is essential to being a successful programmer. The stories, examples, and groundbreaking research in this book will help you unleash your creative potential!

Inside The Creative Programmer you’ll learn insights into creativity like:

  • The seven dimensions of creativity in software engineering
  • The scientific understanding of creativity and how it translates to programming
  • Actionable advice and thinking exercises that will make you a better programmer
  • Innovative communication skills for working more efficiently on a team
  • Creative problem solving techniques for tackling complex challenges

In The Creative Programmer you’ll learn the processes and habits of successful creative individuals and discover how you can build creativity into your programming practice. This fascinating new book introduces the seven domains of creative problem solving and teaches practical techniques that apply those principles to software development. Hand-drawn illustrations, reflective thought experiments, and brain-tickling example problems help you get your creative juices flowing. You’ll soon be thinking up new and novel ways to tackle the big challenges of your projects.

about the technology

In software development, creative problem solving can be just as important as technical knowledge. A splash of creativity helps you break with conventional approaches that just aren’t working. And just like technical skills, creativity can be learned and improved by practice. This innovative guide draws on the latest cognitive psychology research to reveal practical methods that will make you a more creative programmer.

about the book

Each chapter in The Creative Programmer introduces you to a new theme of creativity that’s derived from scientifically sound research. Discover the importance of communication, how constraints can make you more creative, methods to improve your critical thinking, and more. Short stories, examples, and exercises help you understand each new idea and clearly demonstrate how you can apply them to programming. You’ll even be able to track your progress against a scientifically validated Creative Programming Problem Solving Test! Along the way, you’ll enjoy examples and stories that show what makes creative technical geniuses tick.

about the reader

For programmers of all experience and skill levels.

about the author

Wouter Groeneveld is a software engineer and computer science education researcher. Wouter was an enterprise software engineer for 11 years with a passion for teaching, coaching, and onboarding. Now, Wouter works at KU Leuven, where he researches and writes about non-technical skills and the importance of creativity in software engineering.

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