Hello! iOS Development
Lou Franco and Eitan Mendelowitz
  • July 2013
  • ISBN 9781935182986
  • 344 pages
  • printed in black & white

Takes you from confused beginner to publishing your app in record time!

Santosh Shanbhag, Monsanto Company

Hello! iOS Development is a tutorial designed for novice iOS developers. Using the Hello! style of User Friendly cartoons and illustrations, this entertaining book will guide you step-by-step as you write your first apps for the iPhone and iPad and add them to the AppStore.

About the book

To create a successful iPhone or iPad app you need a great idea, serious commitment, and some programming know-how. If you supply the idea and the commitment, this entertaining and easy-to-read book will help you pick up the coding skills you need to bring your app to life.

Hello! iOS Development is a tutorial designed for new iOS developers. It builds on your existing programming knowledge to create apps for the iPhone and iPad using the Objective-C language and Apple's free Xcode tools. Characters from the User Friendly cartoon series guide you as you write your first apps and add them to the AppStore.

Written for readers with beginning-level programming skills. No prior experience with iOS development is assumed.

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Part 1 Hello! iPhone

1. Hello! iPhone

1.1. Turning your Mac into an iPhone app factory

1.2. Introducing Interface Builder

1.3. Making Hello, World!

1.4. Editing, building, and running

2. Thinking like an iPhone developer

2.1. Using model-view-controller to dissect apps

2.2. Designing apps with objects

2.3. Avoiding crashes by understanding object lifetime

2.4. Applying object-oriented design

2.5. Preparing to code object-oriented designs

3. Coding in Objective-C

3.1. Creating classes to match your designs

3.2. Connecting code to views in Interface Builder

3.3. Defining the action message

Part 2 iPhone applications: step by step

4. Writing an app with multiple views

4.1. Designing a flashcard application

4.2. Creating classes to match your designs

4.3. Creating the model classes

4.4. Connecting code to Interface Builder

4.5. Orchestrating your app with controllers

4.6. Reflecting on your progress

5. Polishing your app

5.1. Setting up your application’s images

5.2. Using images for buttons

5.3. Adding animation

5.4. Making your apps look professional with graphic design

6. Working with databases and table views

6.1. Keeping track of data in the FlashCards app

6.2. Introducing Core Data

6.3. Fetching and viewing data

6.4. Changing your data model

6.5. Planning for what’s next

7. Creating a photo-based application

7.1. Designing the application

7.2. Creating an app with tab-based navigation

7.3. Incorporating models

7.4. Working with photos

7.5. Wrapping it up, and what’s next

8. Moving, rotating, editing, and animating images

8.1. Improving Disguisey

8.2. Using animation to make disguises grow

8.3. Recognizing touch gestures

8.4. Saving the disguised face

8.5. Moving on from Disguisey

9. Working with location and maps

9.1. Designing a map application

9.2. Creating an app with a map

9.3. Flipping the view to take a picture

9.4. Showing the parking spot on the map

9.5. Making the data in Parkinator useful to others

10. Accessing the internet

10.1. Overview of an internet-enabled Parkinator

10.2. Adding buttons on a toolbar

10.3. Using web views in your app

10.4. Integrating with Twitter

10.5. What’s next

Part 3 Going from Xcode to the App Store

11. Debugging and optimizing your application

11.1. Debugging without tools

11.2. Debugging with Xcode

11.3. Speeding up your app

11.4. What’s next

12. Building for the device and the App Store

12.1. Running your app on a device

12.2. Submitting your app to the App Store

12.3. Congratulations!


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What's inside

  • No iPhone or iPad development experience required
  • Go from napkin sketch to finished app
  • Publish your apps in the AppStore
  • Easy writing style with visual learning aids

About the authors

Lou Franco is an iOS developer with over a decade of iOS experience. Eitan Mendelowitz teaches computing and the arts at Smith College.

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