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Philipp Hagenlocher
  • MEAP began August 2022
  • Publication in Summer 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781633438934
  • 250 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Look inside
Learn Haskell by doing Haskell projects! In this book, you’ll get practical experience writing Haskell code and applying functional programming to actual development challenges.

In Haskell Bookcamp you will learn how to:

  • Use Haskell for daily programming tasks
  • Effectively apply functional concepts
  • Avoid common beginner pitfalls of Haskell
  • Apply abstract concepts in the Haskell language
  • Debug and profile Haskell applications
  • Improve the performance of Haskell applications

In Haskell Bookcamp, you’ll build your Haskell skills by working through hands-on challenges and conundrums. You’ll learn to look at each project through a Haskell lens, and then solve it using features like lazy evaluation, immutable data structures, and monads. And the projects are interesting! You’ll take on writing a tool for working with CSV files, creating a domain specific language for music, an image processing library using concurrency for high performance, and more!

about the technology

Haskell delivers clean and safe code with mathematical precision and certainty. The pure functional coding language lets you use high level abstractions to keep your code clean and easily readable, and it actively disallows many of the dangerous behaviors that lead to bugs and crashes. These features make Haskell an amazing choice for applications that need an extra guarantee of safety, such such as in smart contracts, data intensive applications, and large scale distributed systems.

about the book

Haskell Bookcamp builds your skills with production-quality Haskell code by creating interesting projects. As you work through each application, you’ll master Haskell basics and functional programming and dip into the language’s advanced features. Haskell’s abstract concepts can be confusing—so you’ll learn them from the ground-up with real-world examples rather than tedious academic exercises. Learn how to structure real-world applications, how to work with the Haskell tool chain effectively, and what to look out for when writing critical sections in the program's logic. Best of all, each project in this book is fully extensible and customizable so you can keep tinkering with your favorites!

about the reader

For readers who know how to program in an object-oriented language.

about the author

Philipp Hagenlocher is a full time Haskell developer, working on distributed systems that need absolute program correctness. He is passionate about teaching and educating others on functional concepts, and is the creator of the beloved Haskell for Imperative Programmers YouTube course.

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