Blazor in Action
Chris Sainty
  • MEAP began October 2020
  • Publication in Summer 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298646
  • 400 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
An example-driven guide to building reusable UI components and web frontends—all with Blazor, C#, and .NET.

Blazor, a powerful C#-based frontend framework from Microsoft, makes it easy to create fast rich web applications without the limitations of typical JavaScript-based tools. Blazor components seamlessly blend C# and standard HTML markup, so you can build web frontends using the same technology as your server-side code. With Blazor WebAssembly, you can also run your C# code natively in the browser.

About the Technology

Blazor empowers .NET developers to create rich and interactive web UIs using C#, HLML, and WebAssembly. Because you're using C# throughout the stack, you can easily share classes between client and server. The result is easily reusable code, native performance in the browser, and full access to your favorite .NET libraries and tools end to end.

About the book

Blazor in Action is a practical guide to building stunning UIs and client-side applications using C# and .NET. Written to the most recent stable build of Blazor, this example-driven book shows how to build a complete end-to-end hiking route web application that’s full of easily reusable code.

You'll create your own custom Blazor components, including handy UI elements like form controls, and learn how to implement access controls and other important security features. Finally, you'll learn how you can use Blazor components inside your existing ASP.NET applications, and get essential tips and tricks on tuning your app's performance. By the time you're done, you'll be ready to develop beautiful sites and apps that seamlessly execute your C# code natively in the browser.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Part 1: Welcome to Blazor

1 Starting your Blazor journey

1.1 Why choose Blazor for new applications?

1.2 Components, a better way to build UI.

1.2.1 What is a component?

1.2.2 The benefits of a component-based UI

1.2.3 Anatomy of a Blazor component

1.3 Blazor, a platform for building modern UI with C#

1.3.1 Understanding hosting models

1.3.2 Blazor WebAssembly

1.3.3 Blazor Server

1.4 Summary

2 Your first Blazor app

2.1 Setting up the application

2.1.1 Blazor WebAssembly template configurations

2.1.2 Creating the application

2.2 Building and running the application

2.3 Key components of a Blazor application

2.3.1 Index.html

2.3.2 Program.cs

2.3.3 App.razor

2.3.4 wwwroot folder & _imports.razor

2.4 Writing your first components

2.4.1 Organizing files using feature folders

2.4.2 Defining the layout

2.4.3 The Blazing Trails home page

2.5 Summary

Part 2: Building with Blazor

3 Components in detail

4 Routing

5 Forms & validation

6 Integrating with JavaScript libraries

7 Working with a server

8 Managing State

Part 3: Integrating, Tuning and Testing

9 Using Blazor components in Razor Pages

10 Improving the performance of your Blazor application

11 Testing Blazor apps


Appendix A: TBC

What's inside

  • Building reusable UI components
  • Blazor + WebAssembly
  • Building forms with validation
  • Integrating with JavaScript libraries
  • Testing your applications
  • Securing your application
  • Picking the right hosting model

About the reader

For full-stack C# and .NET web developers.

About the author

Chris Sainty has been a part of the Blazor community since before its first experimental preview. He was one of the first Blazor bloggers, an active open source developer, and a Microsoft MVP.

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