Aurelia in Action
Sean Hunter
  • July 2018
  • ISBN 9781617294785
  • 432 pages
  • printed in black & white

Makes building single-page applications easy and fun.

Alessandro Campeis, Vimar

Aurelia in Action teaches you how to build fantastic single-page applications with the Aurelia framework. You’ll learn about modern design practices and a modular architecture based on web components, perfect for hybrid web + mobile apps.

About the Technology

Try Aurelia, and you may not go back to your old web framework. Flexible and efficient, Aurelia enforces modern design practices and a modular architecture based on web components. It’s perfect for hybrid web + mobile apps, with hot features like dynamic routes, pluggable pipelines, and APIs for nearly every flavor of JavaScript.

About the book

Aurelia in Action teaches you how to build extraordinary web applications using the Aurelia framework. You’ll immediately take advantage of key elements like web components and decorators when you start to explore the book’s running example: a virtual bookshelf. As the app unfolds, you’ll dig into templating and data binding the Aurelia way. To complete the project, you’ll take on routing and HTTP, along with tuning, securing, and deploying your finished product.

What's inside

  • Templating and data-binding
  • Communication between components
  • Server-side and SPA design techniques
  • View composition

About the reader

Written for developers comfortable with JavaScript and MVC-style web development.

About the author

Sean Hunter is a web developer with nearly 10 years of experience. He’s extremely passionate about all things Aurelia and has been working with the framework in production since the early beta days. Sean got a taste for teaching developers how to get started with Aurelia while visiting user groups across the UK, and he’s been excited to expand on this teaching effort with this book. These days, Sean is working in a variety of web-development technologies with companies across Australia, and he blogs at

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