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A Rust Sampler you own this product

Carol Nichols and Jake Goulding
  • September 2020
  • ISBN 9781617299162
  • 22 pages
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Thread-safe, reliable, and lightning-fast, Rust has been the most loved programming language on Stack Overflow for four years and counting! This open source systems language gets its amazing speed in large part from its memory safety—and without resource-greedy garbage collection. Offering freedom from a runtime requirement, a rich type system, and control over low-level details, Rust is a cut above the rest in areas including command line applications, WebAssembly, and embedded services. Is it any wonder Rust is a favorite among systems programmers everywhere?

about the book

In A Rust Sampler, Rust gurus Carol Nichol and Jake Goulding have expertly gathered interesting and useful Rust concepts and techniques and wrapped them up in one tidy, practical package. You'll learn about the latest edition of Rust and what it means to you, work through a Test Driven Development example hands-on, see how Rust prevents a concurrency bug in Ruby, and more. Hone your Rust skills and get ready to create production-quality, lightning-fast Rust projects with this free mini ebook!

what's inside

  • What the 2018 Edition of Rust Means to You
  • A Test Driven Development Example in Rust
  • Comparison of Concurrency in Ruby and Rust
  • Why You Can't Store a Value and a Reference to That Value in the Same Struct
  • Why It's Discouraged to Accept a Reference to a String, Vec, or Box as a Function Parameter

about the author

Carol Nichols co-authored The Rust Programming Language and is a member of the Rust Core Team. Jake Goulding is the creator of The Rust FFI Omnibus, a member of the Rust Infrastructure Team, and the top contributor on the Rust tag on Stack Overflow. Together, Carol and Jake cofounded Integer 32, the world's first Rust consultancy, and they're the creators of Manning's liveVideo course, Rust in Motion.

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