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Bastian Gruber
  • MEAP began May 2021
  • Publication in Early 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617299001
  • 325 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Rust Web Development offers practical advice and strong technical expertise to equip developers with skills to build secure, performant, and type-safe applications.

Christopher Villanueva
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Create bulletproof, high-performance web apps and servers with Rust.

In Rust Web Development you will learn:

  • Handling the borrow checker in an asynchronous environment
  • Creating web APIs and using JSON in Rust
  • Graceful error handling
  • Testing, tracing, logging, and debugging
  • Deploying Rust applications
  • Efficient database access

Rust Web Development is a hands-on guide to building server-based web applications with Rust. If you’ve built web servers using Java, C#, or PHP, you’ll instantly fall in love with the performance and development experience Rust delivers. This book shows you how to work efficiently using pure Rust, along with important Rust libraries such as tokio for async runtimes, warp for web servers and APIs, and reqwest to run external HTTP requests.

about the technology

Web development languages and libraries can be resource hungry, with poor safety for maintaining vital web services. Rust services perform better and guarantee better safety. Plus, Rust’s awesome compiler gives you an amazing developer experience. You’ll get the speed of low-level programming languages like C along with the ease-of-use you’d expect from high-level languages Python or Ruby, with a super strong compiler that automatically prevents common mistakes such as null pointers.

about the book

In Rust Web Development, you’ll learn to build server-side web applications using the Rust language and its key libraries. If you know the basics of Rust, you’ll quickly pick up some pro tips for setting up your projects and organizing your code. This book gets you hands-on fast, with numerous small and large examples. You’ll get up to speed with how Rust streamlines backend development, implements authentication flows, and even makes it easier for your APIs to interact. As you go, you’ll build a complete Q&A web service and iterate on your code chapter-by-chapter, just like a real development project.

about the reader

For experienced web developers familiar with Java, Node, or Go, and the absolute basics of Rust.

about the author

Bastian Gruber is a Solutions Architect at Twilio Inc. He was part of the official Rust Async Working group, and founded the Rust and Tell Berlin MeetUp group. He has worked for one of the world’s largest Digital Currency exchanges, using Rust on its core backend. He has over twelve years experience as a writer, and blogs regularly on Rust for LogRocket, his own blog, and other magazines and news outlets.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

This is an excellent guide to getting started with Rust web development. The author explains new concepts in bite-sized chunks to help the reader become acquainted with how Rust applications are built.

Rodney Weis

Do you need to write an API endpoint in Rust? This is a good book on that.

Timothy Robert James Langford

If you want a more streamlined approach to web development using Rust then this is your book.

Jeff Smith

Unlock not only the possibilities of using Rust in web development but also the inner workings of Rust that may have been hard to understand without the right context.

Dane Balia

This book will be the de facto standard for Rust Web Development for the next decade.

William E. Wheeler

This book bridges the gap between basic Rust and building practical, real-world examples with it.

Satadru Roy

I'm a big fan of learning through error and found it very useful when the author would show us incrementally how to achieve a certain goal. This is particularly beneficial for a programming language with a steep learning curve like Rust.

Marc Roulleau