Sorting and Searching you own this product

arrays • slices • structs
skills learned
bubblesort • quicksort • counting sort • linear search • binary search • simple recursion
Rod Stephens
1 week · 4-6 hours per week · BEGINNER

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There’s a lot of buzz about the Bug of the Month club you started, but the fly in the ointment is that a few customers aren’t paying their bills on time. You have no choice but to halt their monthly shipments of fine insect-based foods. But to do that, you must first identify the delinquent customers. Using three different Go sorting algorithms—bubble sort, quicksort, and counting sort—you’ll sort your list of customers by balance owed. Once your data is sorted, making it easier to search, you’ll implement a linear search as well as a binary search to locate the non-paying culprits. When you’re done, you’ll have firsthand experience implementing widely used Go sort algorithms and search methods and a firm grasp on their performance.

This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

project author

Rod Stephens

Rod Stephens started out as a mathematician but discovered the fun of algorithms and has been programming ever since. Rod was a Microsoft Visual Basic Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 15 years, has spoken to user groups and conferences, and has taught introductory programming courses. He has written more than 35 books including Essential Algorithms: A Practical Approach to Computer Algorithms Using Python and C# and Beginning Software Engineering, both of which include material related to this series of liveProjects.


This liveProject is for Go programmers, from beginning level to advanced, who want to learn how to sort and search data using Go. To begin these liveProjects you’ll need to be familiar with the following:


  • A Go compiler (such as Visual Studio Code or Online GDB)
  • Basic math
  • Basic Go features (including arrays, structs, and slices)


You choose the schedule and decide how much time to invest as you build your project.
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