Exploring Microservices
With chapters selected by Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard
  • August 2017
  • ISBN 9781617295072
  • 137 pages

In the last few years, microservice-based architecture has become one of the hottest innovations in software and web development. By breaking down your applications into smaller microservices that work together, you can experience a more efficient workflow, enable easier communication between team members, and create a robust, scalable application that is easier to modify and that can handle points of failure without causing the whole app to collapse on itself.

Exploring Microservices is a collection of hand-picked chapters that introduce the concept of microservices, detail what it means to build a microservice-structured application, and provide insights you need to start building your own. Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard, author of Microservices in .NET Core, has selected hands-on topics to show you where to begin in the world of microservices. You'll get an overview of microservices and how they collaborate through commands, queries, and events, and then you'll see what it takes to build your first Akka.NET application made with continuous delivery and microservices in mind. Other chapters delve into deployment and working with Docker containers, so you'll always be prepared for the best launch possible. Plus, you'll get a sample of some other Manning books you may want to add to your library.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Microservice collaboration

Chapter 4: Microservice collaboration

4.1 Types of collaboration: commands, queries, and events

4.1.1 Commands and queries: synchronous collaboration

4.1.2 Events: asynchronous collaboration

4.1.3 Data formats

4.2 Implementing collaboration

4.2.1 Setting up a project for Loyalty Program

4.2.2 Implementing commands and queries

4.2.3 Implementing commands with HTTP POST or PUT

4.2.4 Implementing queries with HTTP GET

4.2.5 Data formats

4.2.6 Implementing an event-based collaboration

4.3 Summary

What’s inside

Your First Akka.NET Application

Chapter 3: Your First Akka.NET Application

3.1 Setting up an application

3.2 Actors

3.2.1 What does an actor embody?

3.2.2 What can an actor do?

3.2.3 Defining an actor

3.2.4 Summary

3.3 Spawning an actor

3.3.1 The actor system

3.3.2 Spawning an actor

3.3.3 Summary

3.4 Communicating with actors

3.4.1 Actor addresses and references

3.4.2 Sending a message

3.4.3 Summary

3.5 Summary

What’s inside:


Chapter 5: Deployment

5.1 Things fall apart

5.2 Learning from history

5.2.1 Three Mile Island

5.2.2 A model for failure in software systems

5.2.3 Redundancy doesn't do what you think it does

5.3 The center cannot hold

5.3.1 The cost of perfect software

5.4 Anarchy works

5.5 Microservices and Redundancy

5.6 Continuous Delivery

5.6.1 Pipeline

5.6.2 Process

5.6.3 Protection

5.7 Running a microservice system

5.7.1 Immutability

5.7.2 Automation

5.7.3 Resilience

5.7.4 Validation

5.7.5 Discovery

5.7.6 Configuration

5.7.7 Security

5.7.8 Staging

5.7.9 Development

5.8 Summary

What’s inside:

Running Software in Containers

Chapter 2: Running Software in Containers

2.1 Getting help with the Docker command line

2.2 Controlling containers: building a website monitor

2.2.1 Creating and starting a new container

2.2.2 Running interactive containers

2.2.3 Listing, stopping, restarting, and viewing output of containers

2.3 Solved problems and the PID namespace

2.4 Eliminating metaconflicts: building a website farm

2.4.1 Flexible container identification

2.4.2 Container state and dependencies

2.5 Building environment-agnostic systems

2.5.1 Read-only file systems

2.5.2 Environment variable injection

2.6 Building durable containers

2.6.1 Automatically restarting containers

2.6.2 Keeping containers running with supervisor and startup processes

2.7 Cleaning up

2.8 Summary

What’s inside:


About the author

Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard is a Nancy committer and Microsoft MVP.

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