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Microservices in .NET, Second Edition

Christian Horsdal Gammelgaard
  • MEAP began March 2020
  • Publication in November 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617297922
  • 350 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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I consider this to be a must-have in any microservice-enthusiasts library, be it .NET or not.

George Onofrei
Look inside
Microservices in .NET, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to building microservice applications using the .NET stack. After a crystal-clear introduction to the microservices architectural style, it teaches you practical microservices development skills using MVC Core and ASP.NET Core. This second edition of the bestselling original has been revised with up-to-date tools for the .NET ecosystem, and more new coverage of scoping microservices and deploying to Kubernetes.

about the technology

Microservice applications are built by connecting single-capability, autonomous components that communicate via APIs. Microservice architectures boost productivity, support Agile workflows, and decrease the risks of catastrophic failures. However, they can be a big challenge to develop, as they demand clearly defined interfaces and reliable infrastructure. Luckily for developers, Microsoft’s own MVC Core and ASP.NET Core frameworks help manage the tricky API and simplify the task of building microservice-based applications.

about the book

Microservices in .NET, Second Edition provides a complete guide to building microservice applications. You’ll start by getting to grips with the unique architectural style of microservices, explained in a way that’s clear and accessible. You’ll move on quickly to practical development skills for building your own microservices using MVC Core and ASP.NET Core, working on real-world projects such as an ecommerce shopping cart. You'll design and build individual services in C# and learn how to compose them into a simple but functional application back end. In brand-new coverage for the second edition, you’ll also learn about scoping microservices and how to handle the complexities of deploying to Kubernetes. Along the way, you'll address production and operations concerns like monitoring, logging, and security.

what's inside

  • Build scalable microservices that are reliable in production
  • Optimized microservices for continuous delivery
  • Design event-based collaboration between microservices
  • Deploy microservices to Kubernetes
  • Set up Kubernetes in Azure

about the reader

This book is written for C# developers. No previous experience with microservices required.

about the author

Christian Horsdal is an independent consultant with 20 years of experience building systems from large scale microservice systems to tiny embedded systems--and lots of stuff in between. He is a .NET expert, author of the books Microservices in .NET Core and Instant Nancy Web Development, a trainer, and an occasional open source contributor.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

You will lean the basics of microservices, and more importantly, how to design and correctly partition them. I think that would sell most of my colleagues on the book.

Dennis Hayes

A well-written, easy to digest set of examples for implementing a microservices architecture with real-world practical examples.

Justin Coulston

I like how we actually get to build something that resembles something useful.

Thomas Overby Hansen

The book covers the subject thoroughly and is a joy to read. It's filled with many good examples that are easy to adapt to real-world use cases!

Simon Seyag

Before you start breaking things into microservices, take a look at this book! The time it takes to read the book will be much less than the time spent refactoring and rebuilding had you not read it.

Matt Ferderer

Recommended for all developers and software architects looking to jump into the microservices world.

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