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Exploring Cross-Platform Development with Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin
With chapters selected by Eric Windmill
  • January 2020
  • ISBN 9781617296789
  • 98 pages
Mobile apps are a mainstay of our daily lives and have transformed industry worldwide—and it’s never been easier to start building apps! Thanks to modern cross-platform tools, developers can write on codebase that will run on multiple platforms, slashing time to market and development costs. But competition is fierce in the growing cross-platform market, and choosing the right development software is essential to your success.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents


Building your first React Native app

Building your first React Native app

3.1 Laying out the todo app

3.2 Coding the todo app

3.3 Opening the developer menu

3.3.1 Opening the developer menu in the iOS simulator

3.3.2 Opening the developer menu in the Android emulator

3.3.3 Using the developer menu

3.4 Continuing building the todo app


Hello MVVM—creating a simple cross-platform app using MVVM

Hello MVVM—creating a simple cross-platform app using MVVM

2.1 What are UI design patterns?

2.2 MVVM—the design pattern for Xamarin apps

2.3 What is cross-platform code?

2.3.1 .NET Standard class libraries

2.4 Getting started—creating your first solution

2.4.1 Requirements—what hardware or software do you need for each mobile platform?

2.4.2 Creating the solution

2.4.3 What have we just created?

2.4.4 Building and running the apps

2.5 Is this really a cross-platform app?


Flutter UI: Important widgets, theme, and layout

Flutter UI: Important widgets, theme, and layout

4.1 Setting up and configuring a Flutter app

4.1.1 Configuration: pubspec and main.dart

4.1.2 SystemChrome

4.2 Configuring structural widgets and more

4.2.1 MaterialApp widget

4.2.2 Scaffold

4.2.3 AppBar widget

4.2.4 Preferred Size widget

4.3 Styling in Flutter and Theme

4.3.1 Theme widget

4.3.2 Using Themes in your app

4.3.3 MediaQuery and the of method

4.3.4 ScreenAwareSize method

4.4 Using common layout and UI widgets

4.4.1 Stack widget

4.4.2 Table widget

4.4.3 Working with tables

4.4.4 Generating widgets from Dart’s List.generate() constructor

4.4.5 TabBar widget

4.4.6 TabController

4.4.7 TabBar widget in practice

4.5 Working with ListView and builder


About the book

Exploring Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin is a collection of chapters from three Manning books selected by developer and author Eric Windmill. It gives you a taste of three different cross-platform options—Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin—so you can judge for yourself the advantages each has to offer. With this hands-on guide, you’ll experience building in each of these technologies, learning their features, functionality, and key building concepts. When you’re done, you’ll be in a great position to choose the cross-platform development tool that’s right for you.

What's inside

  • “Building Your First React Native App” - Chapter 3 from React Native in Action by Nader Dabit
  • “Hello MVVM—creating a simple cross-platform app using MVVM” - Chapter 2 from Xamarin in Action by Jim Bennett
  • "Flutter UI: Important widgets, theme, and layout" - Chapter 4 from Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

About the author

Eric Windmill is a professional Dart developer, a contributor to open-source Flutter projects, and the author of FlutterByExample.com and Manning’s Flutter in Action. His work is featured on Flutter’s own showcase page.

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