Docker in Motion
Peter Fisher
  • Course duration: 5h 19m
    135 exercises

This course changed my development practices for the better.

Damien White, Visoft, Inc.

Docker in Motion teaches you how to create and manage container-hosted applications in Docker. With over 2 hours of hands-on, practical video lessons, you'll learn the ins and outs of Docker and discover how to apply what you've learned to your own day-to-day development. Starting with an overview of Docker, you'll dive into the commands and techniques you'll need for running and managing containers, creating, modifying, saving and uploading Docker images from scratch, running and building multiple containers with Docker Compose, and more.

About the subject

Docker creates sandboxed environments, called containers, that isolate your applications from the underlying infrastructure, making them much easier to deploy, migrate, scale, and remove. Each Docker container includes the application and all its dependencies in a single deployable package. Docker has rapidly become a nearly universal part of IT infrastructure in millions of Linux and cloud-based deployments worldwide, including big shops like eBay and Lyft. It's time to join them!

Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Introduction to Docker

How to replicate and isolate individual projects

Virtual world vs. the container world

What should you put in a container?

Container exercise 1

What is a microservice?

What is the Docker Engine?


Docker images

Docker images versus Docker containers

How to pull Docker images

What is a Docker image layer?

How to remove Docker images

Web development benefits of using Docker images


How to create a Docker image

What is a Dockerfile?

Dockerfile structure

Creating your first Dockerfile

Building your first Dockerfile

Getting your image history

Inspect your image

Dockerfile good practice

Dockerfile copying and adding

Dockerfile environmental variables

How to pass variables into the build


Docker image management

How to quickly remove unused images

How to tag your images

How to log in to a Docker registry

How to push a Docker image

How to pull images from the Docker Hub

How to update the remote images


Managing Docker containers

How to create a container from an image

How to create a container from an inbuilt image

How to name a container

How to stop a container

How to start a container

How to restart a container

How to run a command against a container

How to get inside a container

How to use files within a container

How to adjust the user

How to run the web server

General security good practices


Building a database container

How to build an image with a database

How to run the database in a Docker container

How to run the database container

How to add data to the database

The problems with storing data


How to store data

What are the storage options?

How to make a bind mount

How to create a Docker volume

How to copy files into a container

How to list your volumes

Copying files and folders

How to share a volume amongst containers


Docker Compose

The Docker Compose structure

How to run containers quickly

How to update all your images

How to remove all of your volumes

Course summary



No experience with Docker is required. The course assumes basic familiarity with Linux and software development.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to Docker and how it works
  • Image management
  • Creating Docker images
  • Managing containers
  • Storing and managing data in volumes
  • Linking your Docker containers
  • Running a web server which is connected to a database
  • Configuring containers using docker-compose

About the instructor

Peter Fisher is a freelance web and mobile app developer. He's the host of the HowToCodeWell YouTube channel, where he posts weekly tutorials and talks on web development and other subjects.

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A clear and easy to understand guide to the principles and internal working of the Docker ecosystem.

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