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Justin Mitchel
  • MEAP began June 2023
  • Publication in Fall 2024 (estimated)
  • ISBN
  • 304 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white

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Learn how and why to use Kubernetes to deploy projects of any size.

Road to Kubernetes condenses fifteen years of deployment experience into one accessible, practical guide. You’ll learn sustainable deployment practices you can use with any language and any kind of web app, create portable applications that can move across deployment options and cloud providers, and see how possible it is to use Kubernetes for projects of any size.

Inside Road to Kubernetes you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage git repositories on self-hosted or cloud platforms
  • Deploy Python and Node.js apps via cloud-based VM with git
  • Automate VM configuration and deployment with Ansible
  • Containerize and deploy apps with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Run containers directly on VMs without orchestration
  • Push and host containers with DockerHub registry
  • Deploy containerized apps on Kubernetes
  • Implement public and private apps on Kubernetes
  • Configure load balancers for HTTP & HTTPs traffic
  • Use CI/CD techniques with Github Actions and the open-source alternative Act by Nectos

about the technology

If you’ve ever thought that Kubernetes was too complex for your deployment needs—think again! This one-of-a-kind guide answers all the deployment questions you might be asking, like “what is container orchestration”, “is Kubernetes right for simple deployments”, and “how can I reliably scale my containerized apps on the cloud”.

about the book

Road to Kubernetes helps you fully understand your options for deploying software. You’ll start by building sample applications in Python and Node.js, and then explore methods for deploying them with virtual machines, containers, and finally Kubernetes! Each chapter builds on what has gone before, as you learn to utilize tools like GitHub Actions and CI/CD practices to make portable apps that can easily move between deployment setups. As you take your journey through the different methods of deployment, you’ll discover best practices that you can apply with any language or stack.

about the reader

For software developers and software managers keen to learn more about successful deployment. Minor experience with Python or JavaScript, and the command line, is highly recommended.

about the author

Justin Mitchel has been teaching web-based software such as Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning, and DevOps for over ten years. He has taught over 700k+ students on Udemy, 205k+ on YouTube, 15k+ on GitHub and a semester as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California.

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