Building Micro Frontends with a Team-Based Vertical Architecture you own this product

modern web development • basic RESTful APIs • intermediate JavaScript • basic Node.JS
skills learned
creating vertical micro frontend architectures • writing micro frontends as single page applications • multi-framework micro frontend architecture • user session authentication
Max Gallo
6 weeks · 3-5 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE

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Micro frontends take a vertical approach to web development, splitting an application into standalone components that encompass everything from user interfaces to backend logic. In this liveProject, you’ll use the micro frontends approach to help solve a tricky issue for music streaming service Red Records.

Red Records has two separate development teams working in two separate time zones, and they are currently arguing over whether to use React or Vue.js for their frontend. Your challenge is to set up a new micro frontends architecture that will allow them to work independently, in parallel, with separate stacks, and no need to talk to each other! You’ll build two micro frontends using Vue.js and React respectively, and set up a Bootstrap client-side orchestrator to handle loading, persist authentication, and routing. Better be fast—your new app launches in just a few months.
This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

project author

Max Gallo
Max Gallo is a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in JavaScript and frontend technologies. He currently works as a Principal Engineer at DAZN, looking after frontend infrastructure and TVs/Gaming Console applications. At DAZN, he heavily contributed to the transition to micro frontends, scaling the engineering department from 4 to more than 300 people in less than four years. He has spoken at international conferences on a range of topics, from micro frontends to edge computing.


This liveProject is for JavaScript developers with production experience building modern web applications using RESTful APIs. Knowledge of Vue.js and React will be helpful, but not essential. To begin this liveProject, you will need to be familiar with:

  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • Basic RESTful APIs
  • Basic Node.js

  • Understanding of DOM APIs


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