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Miguel Morales
Foreword by Charles Isbell
  • October 2020
  • ISBN 9781617295454
  • 472 pages
  • printed in black & white
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This book is very well put together. It explains in tech­nical but clear language what machine learning is, what deep learning is, and what reinforce­ment learning is.

From the Foreword by Charles Isbell
Look inside

We all learn through trial and error. We avoid the things that cause us to experience pain and failure. We embrace and build on the things that give us reward and success. This common pattern is the foundation of deep reinforcement learning: building machine learning systems that explore and learn based on the responses of the environment. Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning introduces this powerful machine learning approach, using examples, illustrations, exercises, and crystal-clear teaching. You'll love the perfectly paced teaching and the clever, engaging writing style as you dig into this awesome exploration of reinforcement learning fundamentals, effective deep learning techniques, and practical applications in this emerging field.
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about the technology

We learn by interacting with our environment, and the rewards or punishments we experience guide our future behavior. Deep reinforcement learning brings that same natural process to artificial intelligence, analyzing results to uncover the most efficient ways forward. DRL agents can improve marketing campaigns, predict stock performance, and beat grand masters in Go and chess.

about the book

Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning uses engaging exercises to teach you how to build deep learning systems. This book combines annotated Python code with intuitive explanations to explore DRL techniques. You'll see how algorithms function and learn to develop your own DRL agents using evaluative feedback.

what's inside

  • An introduction to reinforcement learning
  • DRL agents with human-like behaviors
  • Applying DRL to complex situations

about the reader

For developers with basic deep learning experience.

about the author

Miguel Morales works on reinforcement learning at Lockheed Martin and is an instructor for the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making course.

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This is the best practical introduction to deep reinforce­ment learning you’ll find. Very highly recommended.

Ike Okonkwo, Solid State AI

A fine introduction to deep reinforcement learning with just the right balance between math, concepts, and examples.

Alain Couniot, Sopra Steria Benelux

Looking for a definitive source on deep reinforcement learning? Then look no further than this book. Highly recommended.

Swaminathan Subramanian, DXC Technology