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With chapters selected by Jamie Riedesel
  • February 2022
  • ISBN 9781633439344
  • 68 pages
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Telemetry systems turn your logging metrics and other data generated by your infrastructure into a real asset for your organization. A well-built system gives you real-time insight into performance, usage patterns, security, health, and more. In this free mini ebook, you’ll see how a telemetry system looks in the wild with a deep dive into two real-world scenarios.

about the book

In Exploring Software Telemetry, author and seasoned IT professional Jamie Riedesel shares two chapters from her book, Software Telemetry, that highlight the integral role telemetry systems play in modern computing systems. Explore the telemetry systems used by a cloud-based startup and follow how they change from inception through several stages of growth. Then examine how organizations that started operating in the paper-and-ink era approach telemetry today. This well-matched pair of chapters are the perfect introductory look at how telemetry systems empower you to analyze, monitor, and improve your computer infrastructure.

what's inside

  • “Growing cloud-based startup” – Chapter 8 from Software Telemetry by Jamie Riedesel
  • “Long-established business IT” – Chapter 10 from Software Telemetry by Jamie Riedesel

about the author

Jamie Riedesel is a staff engineer at Dropbox with over twenty years of experience in IT.

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